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    Configuring the OpenURL Link Action


    If you are working with Primo VE, see Primo VE for more details.

    Alma users can use the Link action in the Actions drop-down list in the Primo search results and the e-Shelf to create an OpenURL link for a record returned in the Alma Services page. This URL can then be copied and used to re-access the Alma Services Page. 
    This action opens the Link dialog box, which displays OpenURL to the record. The user can select the URL and then copy and paste it to wherever it is needed.


    Link OpenURL

    Back Office Configuration

    This functionality does not require any additional configuration, but it may be customized or disabled. The following table lists the related Back Office configuration for this enhancement.
    Back Office Configurations
    Table Description
    Keeping this item Tile code table The following codes allow you to modify the title that displays in the Link OpenURL dialog box, the name of the option that appears in the Actions drop-down list, and the tool-tip, respectively:
    (Classic UI only) Out of the box, the Actions menu displays the Link option on the Alma Services page. You can disable this option by appending {display: none;} to the following line in your localized CSS file:
    .EXLTabHeaderButtons ol.EXLTabHeaderButtonSendToList li.EXLButtonSendToOpenUrl {display: none;}
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