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    Creating a Local Electronic Collection in Alma for a LibGuide or Institutional Repository

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    For each LibGuide or Institutional Repository (IR) that is ingested by Summon, you will need to create both a bibliographic record and local electronic collection and then publish the new bibliographic record to Summon.

    To configure the LibGuide or Institutional Repository in Alma:
    1. Open the MD Editor (Resources > Cataloging > Open Metadata Editor) and create a descriptive record for the collection (see Working with Bibliographic Records). For example:


      Descriptive Record for the LibGuide or IR
    2. Create a local database (see Adding a Local Electronic Collection):

      1. Open the Electronic Collection Editor (Resources > Create Inventory > Add Local Electronic Collection).


        Local Electronic Collection for LibGuide or IR
      2. Specify the following fields:

        • Public name – Specify the name of the collection in 360/Intota. This displays as Source in the Summon UI.

        • Provider package code (DB ID) – Specify the 3 or 5 digit/letter code associated with this collection in the 360/Intota KB.

        • Collection type – Select Database.

      3. Select Save and continue.


        Continue Defining the Local Collection
      4. Select the Additional tab.


        Configure the Linking and Descriptive Information
      5. Specify the following fields:

        • Level URL – Specify the URL used to access the local collection.

        • Additional descriptive information – Search for and select the descriptive bibliographic record that you created earlier.

      6. Select Save to create your local collection and to associate it with the descriptive bibliographic record.


        Local Electronic Collection Added to Alma Repository

    This collection will be available after the Publishing Electronic Records to Summon job runs in Alma.

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