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    Configuring the Pay Fine Link for Alma-Summon

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    The Library Card Links mapping table allows you to integrate a payment system other than WPM E-Payment whose integration is built into Alma. When enabled, a Pay Fine link displays on both the Overview and Fine and Fees tabs in My Library Card. For more information on the WPM system, see Configuring the WPM Education E-Payment System for Alma-Summon.


    My Library Card - Fine + Fees Tab

    When users select the Pay Fine link, Alma passes the user information in an encoded JWT (JSON Web Token) to your Web Service (as indicated by the online_payment_url) in a new browser tab. This JWT, which contains the user_id and other relevant parameters, can be used to invoke the Alma Rest APIs.

    The decoded User JWT includes the following information:

    "iss": "soa",

    "jti": "",

    "exp": 1557206531,

    "iat": 1557120131,

    "userName": "jsmith",

    "displayName": "John",

    "user": "4518625460000121",

    "userGroup": "",

    "institution": "MYDEV1_INST",

    "userIp": "",

    "authenticationProfile": "Alma",

    "authenticationSystem": "",

    "language": "es",

    "samlSessionIndex": "",

    "samlNameId": "",

    "onCampus": "true",

    "signedIn": "true",

    "viewId": "MYDEV1_INST:Services"

    Example Decoded JWT
    To enable the Pay Fine link in My Library Card:
    1. Open the Library Card Links mapping table (Configuration Menu > Discovery > Library Card Configurations > Payment Link Configuration).


      Library Card Links Mapping Table
    2. Edit the row containing the online_payment_url parameter. Note that you can define this parameter on multiple rows, but only one can be enabled at a time.

    3. In the The URL field, specify the URL used to access your Web service, which integrates Primo VE with the e-payment system.

    4. Enable the online_payment_url parameter.

    5. Select Save.

    6. If you want to customize or translate the label for the Pay Fine Link, modify the display label for the fines.payfinelink code in the Library Card Labels code table (Configuration Menu > Discovery > Display Configuration > Labels). For more information, see Configuring the Display Labels for Alma-Summon.

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