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    Displaying Citation Attributes in Analytics Reports

    Alma allows you to add attributes to citations. These attributes are configurable and can be grouped into attribute types. You can display the citation attributes in an Analytics report by configuring the Citation Attribute fields of the Reading List Citation dimension of the Course Reserves subject area.
    Citation Attribute Fields
    To configure the Analytics Citation Attribute fields:
    1. Configure citation attribute types, citation attributes, and then configure citation attributes to citation attributes types as described in Courses.
    2. Open the Analytics Citation Attribute Types page (Administration > Analytics > Configuration Menu > Analytics Citation Attribute Types). 
    3. From the Description drop-down list, select a citation attribute type for each Analytics Attribute Type field.
    4. Select Save.
      When running a report with the Attribute Type fields, the attributes of the mapped attribute type are displayed, separated by a semicolon:
      Analytics Citation Attribute Types Report
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