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    The Basics of Working with Analytics

    This section describes basic activities that can be performed with Analytics such as creating reports and adding graphs to reports.
    • There is a limit of 10 million rows per report.  If your report fails with the error Max Row Limit Exceeded, it is recommended to add additional filters to make the report smaller.
    • The limit is 500,000 rows per report when using a report as input data for another report. See Using Report Output as Input Data.
    • For reports in Narrative View, the limit is 40,000 rows.
    • As Excel is limited to 1M rows, download reports larger than this in CSV format and open them with text editors (such as Notepad++).
    • It is not recommended to use special characters (for example: ' , & /) as part of report or folder names.
    • The fields of the date dimensions in Alma Analytics report on data going back a maximum of 30 years.
    • Queries that run more than 30 minutes are stopped and canceled by the system.
    It contains the following topics:
    For more information, see Reports and Dashboards.
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