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    OpenAthens Redirector Support

    To configure the OpenAthens Redirector, you must have the following role:
    • General System Administrator
    Alma provides support for linking via OpenAthens.
    To configure Alma for the OpenAthens Redirector:
    1. On the Integration Profile List page (Administration > General Configuration > Configuration Menu > External Systems > Integration Profiles), select Add Integration Profile. The first page of the integration profile wizard opens.
    2. For Integration Type, select Resolver Proxy.
    3. Enter a name and select Next.
    4. In the Proxy Definitions section, you can now select OpenAthens Redirector from the Proxy server type drop-down list.
      OpenAthens Redirector Proxy Server Type Option
    5. Complete the remaining proxy options (see Resolver Proxies) and select Save.
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