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    Introduction to Alma Mobile Application

    Alma Mobile provides portability of Alma functions that align with your workflows using mobile phones and tablets. For example, Alma Mobile enables you to process Pick Up from Shelf (Fulfillment > Resource Requests > Pick from Shelf) requests directly from your mobile device. The sections below provide the following information to help you get started:
    Download the Alma Mobile app from:
    • Google Play
    • Apple App Store
    The licensing information for the Alma Mobile app can be found at Alma Mobile EULA and Alma Mobile App.

    Supported Operating Systems

    Alma Mobile supports the following device operating systems:
    • Android
    • iOS (11 or later)

    Supported Devices

    Alma Mobile supports the following mobile devices:
    • iPhones
    • iPads
    • Android cell phones
    • Android tablets
    • Bluetooth-enabled, hand-held scanners

    Supported Barcode Symbologies

    The operating system barcode symbologies identified below are supported when using the mobile device's camera to scan in barcodes. If you are using a bluetooth-enabled scanner connected to your mobile device to scan in barcodes, you will need to check which barcode symbologies are supported for that scanner.
    For devices using the Android operating system, the following barcode symbologies are supported when using the device's camera:
    • QR_CODE
    • UPC_E
    • UPC_A
    • EAN_8
    • EAN_13
    • CODE_128
    • CODE_39 (see the note below)
    • CODE_93
    • ITF
    • RSS14
    For devices using the iOS operating system, the following barcode symbologies are supported when using the device's camera:
    • QR_CODE
    • UPC_E
    • UPC_A
    • EAN_8
    • EAN_13
    • CODE_128
    • CODE_39 (see the note below)
    • ITF

    For sites with barcodes that use extended ASCII characters (such as >, the greater than symbol) that require Extended Code 39 symbology support, it is recommended that you use a bluetooth-enabled scanner connected to your mobile device that supports that symbology.

    Getting Started and Logging In

    To get started:
    Hosted systems with own URL should use the below format instead of the above:
    For example:
    1. Using the Apple App Store or Google Play, download the Alma Mobile app.
    2. Locate the Alma Mobile icon on your mobile device and start the app.
      Alma Mobile Icon
      The Getting Started pages appear.
      These pages appear in the language identified as the default language in the mobile device's language setting when the language is one that is supported by Alma. Separately, you need to use your Alma Mobile settings to identify the language to be used while working with Alma on your mobile device. See Working with Settings for more information.
      Getting Started Page 1


      Getting Started Page 2
      Getting Started Page
    3. Tap Start app. The URL / Authentication configuration page appears.
      This page will appear in English.
      URL / Authentication Page
    4. Enter your institution-specific URL. For example:

      If you do not have an institution-specific URL, enter your institution URL as described in the Getting Started pages. This is your Alma instance as in the following generic format where mng is replaced with mobile:


      If using SAML, modify the Alma URL to include ?auth=SAML&idpCode=SAML_PROFILE where SAML_PROFILE is the name of your SAML integration profile as defined in Alma at Configuration > General > Integration Profiles.

    5. If an authentication method must be selected, from the Authentication Method drop-down list, select one of the following:
      • Local - With this option, authentication is handled by Alma.
      • CAS - This option uses the Central Authentication Service for handling authentication.
      • Social Login - This option uses a social networking service such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ for authentication.
    6. Tap Save. The Alma log-in page appears.
      This log-in page will appear in English.
      Alma Login
    7. Enter your Alma log-in user name and password. The Alma Mobile options appear.
      Alma Mobile Options
    For more information regarding working with the Alma Mobile options, see:

    Working with Settings

    Alma Mobile provides settings for:
    • Languages
    • External Links
    To work with Alma Mobile settings:
    1. Tap the gear icon to open the Settings pane.
    2. Tap Languages to display and/or select the preferred language option for the Alma Mobile user interface. The sorted list of language setting options will be updated over time and as additional languages are supported by Alma.
      Language Settings for the User Interface
    3. Tap External Links to conveniently switch from Alma Mobile to one of the following external links:
      • Ex Libris Ideas
      • Ex Libris Facebook
      • Ex Libris Twitter
      External Links
    4. Tap the gear icon to close the Settings pane.

    Logging Out of Alma Mobile

    The Settings menu in Alma Mobile provides a Logout action to log out of Alma Mobile.
    To log out of Alma Mobile:
    1. Tap the gear icon to open the Settings pane.
    2. Tap the Logout action.
      Logout Action
      A confirmation of your Logout action appears.
      Logout Confirmation
      Tapping the Login button will take you back to the Login page (see Getting Started and Logging In).
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