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    CDI Collection Lists for Alma Customers


    This page describes the collection lists that you can use to help manage your collections in Alma after CDI is enabled:

    • CDI Collection List – List of Alma collections that are marked as In CDI and available for activation. It is updated on a monthly basis and published on the first 10 days of each month.

    • EasyActive Collections List – A list of collections that are not made active automatically for search for EasyActive customers.

    CDI Collection List

    This CDI collection list (November 14, 2022) – contains all collections that are marked in Alma as In CDI. Collections in Alma are marked as In CDI if at least 80% of the content is indexed, either from the provider directly, or via alternative data sources. For those collections that are indexed directly from the providers, such as the primary publishers, ProQuest, Gale, and many others, the coverage is 100%. In cases where we do not get the data directly from the provider, their content (as listed in the KnowledgeBase) is mapped against the entire Index, and the percentage of overlap is calculated accordingly. The provider coverage columns provides information whether a collection is indexed with metadata directly from the provider or not. 

    The list contains the following columns:

    Column Description
    Alma Collection ID Alma CZ Collection ID
    Collection Name Alma CZ Collection Name.
    Type The collection type: Collection with Portfolios or Database
    Interface name Alma CZ Interface name
    Provider Coverage (metadata indexed directly from provider) Indicates whether the metadata is indexed directly from the provider or via alternative data sources
    CDI Type Indicates whether the collection is a Full Text Collection or an Abstracting and Indexing database (A&I).
    Search Rights Can be free or subscription. Those marked as subscription cannot be activated unless you have a subscription agreement with the provider and therefore acquired the rights to use them for search. For collections not directly indexed from the provider the value will be free (from alternative data sources).
    Full Text Rights The following settings are valid:
    • Subscription (Linkresolver) – full text access rights are taken from the active full text on Alma unless suppressed.
    • Subscription (Collection Level) – all content of this collection is marked as full text available if activated.
    • Open Access.
    Full Text Linking Can be Linkresolver (if the links are created by the linkresolver based on the institutional configurations) or link in record (this is mostly the case for unique content that is only available from one platform).
    Newspaper Search Specifies whether a collection is included in the newspaper search.
    Number of Resources

    The number of records currently indexed in CDI. This number includes all versions (participants) of a resource.

    The number that appears for DBID searches in Primo/Primo VE may be smaller because it includes only one version of a resource and does not include records that do not have a subscription for search.

    Resource Type Resource types included in this collection.
    Description The description of this collection (Where applicable).
    Last Market Update This field will indicate the 'last update date' for an electronic collection (the last time provider data was ingested).
    Update Frequency Notes the frequency of updates when the system will check for new provider metadata.
    Coverage Percentage This field indicates the percentage of titles, from this specific collection, which has coverage in the Index. The coverage can come from the same provider or from other sources. 
    When it is a Collection of Type Database and it has FT, the coverage will be 100%. 
    Database of type A/I do not have Coverage Percentage.
    Coverage Percentage Date Calculated The date the Coverage Percentage was calculated.
    Last Market Update Date The date the content was updated.

    The Last Market Update Date is dynamic by nature, as CDI is continuously updated by many sources on an ongoing basis. Currently, the update frequency of this field is quarterly due to technical challenges. We are working to improve and automate this process, and our goal is to reach a 6-week update cycle by the end of 2022, for all collections which are in CDI.

    Alternative Collection Name As CDI serves several KB products (SFX, Alma, 360), the names of collections that institutions can activate and appear in the Activation Source field and in the Collection Facet, may sometimes have differences in the names. We have added this column to present alternative collection names you may see in the Source and Collection Facet.
    Fulltext Searchable Where available, CDI indexes not only the metadata but the full text of material, up to 65k characters. Records, where the search terms are found only in the full text, are ranked much lower in the results list than those where the search words are found in the metadata. However, such results can still be useful and expose otherwise hidden information. If we index from the provider full text for search purposes, the value in the column will indicate "Yes".

    EasyActive Collections List

    In the EasyActive setting, most collections are automatically searchable. For those collections that are not searchable automatically for EasyActive customers, they are listed in the EasyActive Collections List table for the following reasons:

    • The providers either do not want their content to be searchable automatically or their databases require subscriptions.

    • Some collections are likely to be used only by some institutions.

    If you want to include any of these collections in your search results, you can add them manually in Alma. Please make sure that you activate only collections for which you have a subscription or that are free for search.

    This list contains the following columns:

    Column Description

    Provider Name

    Name of the provider in the Alma CZ.

    Collection Name

    Name of the collection in the Alma CZ.


    Can be Abstracting and Indexing database (A&I), Full Text Collection, Collection with partial full text (usually an A&I database that also has full text for part of its content).

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