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    Working with CJK Transliterations in Cataloging

    To configure metadata, you must have one of the following roles:
    • Cataloger
    • Catalog Manager
    • Catalog Administrator
    For institutions using CJK languages, CJK transliteration capability has been implemented in the Alma MD Editor for cataloging CJK records. Specifically, the implementation of CJK transliteration function addresses:
    • Hanja to Hangul
    • Hanja to Hangul CK
    • Hanja to Hangul MOE
    • Hanja to Pinyin
    • Hanzi to Pinyin
    • Kana to Hangul 
    • Kana to Romanized Kana
    This applies to cataloging both bibliographic and authority records and is handled through the use of normalization processes that you customize for your needs.
    For information about configuring cataloging normalization processes for CJK transliteration, see Working with Normalization Processes.
    To catalog records using CJK transliteration:
    1. Open the bibliographic record that you want to transliterate in the MD Editor.
    2. Enhance the record (Editing Actions > Enhance the Record). The Enhance the Record dialog box appears.
    3. From the drop-down list, select the normalization process that you created for transliteration and select OK.
      Select the Normalization Process to Enhance the Record
      The record is updated and displays the transliteration. The CJK text is converted, and the Latin text remains the same in the new transliterated records. The system also automatically adds subfield 9 ($$9) to the transliterated records with a notation of the type of transliteration that was processed.
      Transliteration Completed
    4. Save the record.