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    Dublin Core Search Indexes


    Dublin Core Terms and Mapped Search Indexes

    The following table identfies the Dublin Core terms and the search indexes to which they are mapped.
    To access the search index information for the other metadata standards, see Search Indexes.
    Dublin Core Term to Search Index Mapping
    Dublin Core Term Index
    dc:contributor contributor
    dcterms:contributor contributor
    dc:creator creator
    dcterms:creator creator
    dc:date date
    dcterms:created date
    dcterms:date date
    dcterms:dateAccepted date
    dc:description description
    dcterms:abstract description
    dcterms:description description
    dcterms:tableOfContents description
    dc:identifier identifier
    dc:identifier dcterms:ISSN identifier
    dc:identifier dcterms:ISBN identifier
    dcterms:identifier identifier
    dcterms:identifier dcterms:ISBN identifier
    dcterms:identifier dcterms:ISSN identifier
    dc:identifier dcterms:ISBN isbn
    dcterms:identifier dcterms:ISBN isbn
    dc:identifier dcterms:ISSN issn
    dcterms:identifier dcterms:ISSN issn
    dc:language language
    dcterms:language language
    dc:subject dcterms:LCSH lcsh
    dcterms:subject dcterms:LCSH lcsh
    dc:type medium_type
    dcterms:type medium_type
    dc:subject dcterms:MESH mesh
    dcterms:subject dcterms:MESH mesh
    dc:coverage notes
    dc:rights notes
    dc:source notes
    dcterms:audience notes
    dcterms:bibliographicCitation notes
    dcterms:coverage notes
    dcterms:mediator notes
    dcterms:rights notes
    dcterms:source notes
    dcterms:spatial notes
    dcterms:temporal notes
    dc:publisher publisher
    dcterms:publisher publisher
    dc:publisher publisher_location
    dcterms:publisher publisher_location
    dc:subject subjects
    dcterms:subject subjects
    dc:title title
    dcterms:alternative title
    dcterms:title title
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