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    Configuring BIB Redirection Fields

    You can merge a bibliographic record and its inventory, as a secondary record, into another (primary) one. This section describes how you can configure Alma to take an identifier from the secondary record and place it in the primary record, in order to keep track of the merged record.
    • Pre-requisites:
      • The Merge Records and Combine Inventory for Multi-Match section of the import profile must be configured to handle multiple matching duplicate records in the Alma database (see Creating/Editing an Import Profile: Match Profile).
      • The Handle Record Redirection section of the import profile (for Repository and Digital import profiles) must be configured (see Managing Import Profiles).
      • The Choose merge routine section of an integration profile with a Central Catalog Integration type must be configured. For more information, see Integrating Alma with the Aleph Central Catalog.
      • (For customers with this feature configured) The Merge Records and Combine Inventory job must be set up (Resources > Advanced Tools > Merge Records and Combine Inventory).
    To merge records, use the Merge Records and Combine Inventory function in the MD Editor. For more information, see Merging Bibliographic Records.
    To configure BIB Redirection Fields:
    1. Open the BIB Redirection Fields page (Configuration > Resources > Cataloging):
      BIB Redirection Fields
    2. Fill in the following parameters:
      • Merged Record ID Tag, Subfield: Specify the MARC field and subfield in the primary record in which to place the ID from the secondary record.
      • Identifier Type – Select the MARC field in the secondary record from which to take the identifier. The options are Control number (009), MMS ID, and Other system number (035$$a).
      • System Identifier Prefix – If you select 035$$a as the identifier type, enter the system identifier prefix, so that Alma can identify the 035$$a field.
    3. Select Save.
    In the following example, the identifier is taken from the 001 field of the secondary record and placed in the 882 field of the primary record:
    Merged Record Identifier – Example
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