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    Alma Roadmap – Completed – 2022 H1

    Metadata Management

    Refine Advance Search (NERS 2020 #6795) - Indication Rule Form

    What’s New Highlights Impact

    The repository operator is able to perform an improved advanced search for titles with high accuracy, using specific metadata fields and subfields. This allows for the use of criteria beyond the predefined indexes.

    Ability to create an indication rule in the Metadata Editor using a form, thus making it simpler to create such rules

    The staff user is able to better focus their work on relevant titles.

    Read more here.


    Metadata import match methods enhancement

    What’s New Highlights Impact
    The catalog manager is able to import titles by
    • Using a match method with specific ID options and with a specific order
    • Provide conditions for a single match
    • It is possible to define up to 5 match methods (from the existing list of options for match methods) and define the order of using them.
    • A new option for “Automatic multi-match handling”, under a new title (in addition to the Select Action): Avoid multi matches by preferring the last created record.

    The catalog manager can efficiently update titles using accurate match methods.

    Read more here and here.

    Electronic Resource Management

    Automatic Upload of Electronic Holdings – Wiley​

    What’s New Highlights Impact
    Upload Electronic Holdings from Wiley replaces the manual, multi-step workflow for managing Wiley holdings 
    • Customer specific electronic holdings for Wiley content are activated automatically​

    • Integration runs on a weekly basis​

    Reduces manual work involved with activating and maintaining library holdings of Wiley electronic resources.

    Read more here

    Overlap Analysis Improvements​

    What’s New Highlights Impact
    The Overlap Analysis Tool was improved to include additional overlap comparing options and summary reporting 
    • UX improvement for selecting content to be compared​
    • Summary reporting of overlap analysis report​
    • Additional comparing options

    Better collection development capabilities of libraries' electronic resources

    Read more here

    Watch the New & Improved Overlap Analysis Tool video (4:42 minutes).


    DARA Recommendation for Standalone Portfolios 

    What’s New Highlights Impact
    DARA identifies potential local standalone portfolios that can be grouped into a collection DARA provides recommendations to review standalone portfolios that could potentially be grouped into a single collection

    Inventory management is easier when portfolios are managed within collections

    Read more here

    Physical Resource Management

    Unavailable Physical Items Process Types (NERS 7177, 7350)

    What’s New Highlights Impact
    The inventory operator can control the availability of items using simple work orders ("static status")
    • Ability to add a new work order without a department which can be used as a 'static status'
    • Ability to change the item process type using a custom work order
    • Ability to change the item Process Type via the Change Physical Items job
    • A discovery label can be added to each Process Type by a code table, for the Get It display (Fulfillment)
    • Add Process Types to "Exclude Process Types from Publishing" 
    • Suppressed items will be marked in the search result 

    Increase the accuracy of item's availability in discovery.

    Read more here.




    Search PO Lines by their Notes

    What’s New Highlights Impact

    Ability to search Acquisitions PO lines by their internal notes.

    When using the simple search to search PO lines, the existing "All" index was enhanced to search PO lines by their internal notes. Users can search by the full note description or perform a search by a partial description of the note content.

    Internal notes can also be searched using the new dedicated Internal Notes search index.

    This enables Acquisitions staff to find specific PO lines by searching their notes.

    Watch the Search PO Lines by Their Internal Note video (53 seconds).


    Enhancements to the PO Line "Pricing" functionality

    What’s New Highlights Impact

    Two new elements were added to the PO line's Pricing section:

    1. Update Net Price according to item quantity
    2. Discount (amount) field

    Update Net Price according to item quantity (relevant only for physical PO lines) checkbox reflects the number of ordered items within the Quantity for pricing field. When the checkbox is enabled, the Quantity for pricing amount is updated automatically once the user adds/removes items, and as a result, the Net Price field is also updated.

    Discount (amount) field - this field enables users to insert a specific discount amount which is automatically calculated and reflected in the Discount (%) field.

    This saves users the manual labor of updating the quantity for pricing when adding/removing item on a PO line as well as prevents human errors.

    Allowing users to set the discount amount saves the users from the need to calculate the exact discount percentage when adding a discount on a PO line. 

    Read more here

    Watch the Enhancements to the PO Line Pricing Section video (2:25 minutes).

    Fulfillment & Resource Sharing

    Limit Fulfillment Management Actions According to User Role Scope  

        Library Independence.png


    What’s New Highlights Impact
    Staff users can perform Fulfillment management actions based on the scope of their roles.
    • Various actions on the user record such as add or remove blocks/notes/attachments, can be enabled/disabled based on the scope definition of the user role (specific library level or institution level (across libraries)). See more details in the Library Independency document.

    • The existing library information on circulation activities can be used to limit access to the loans/returns/requests/fines&fees. See more details in the Library Independency document.

    Better control over staff activity across libraries.

    Read more here


    Export Resource Sharing Borrower Requests to WorldShare ILL and Tipasa   

    What’s New Highlights Impact
    Alma can export borrower requests into WorldShare ILL and Tipasa for further processing. Borrower request can be exported to WorldShare ILL and Tipasa. The lifecycle of the borrower request may continue in these systems and be further integrated with Alma via NCIP (for Tipasa).

    WorldShare ILL and Tipasa can be seamlessly integrated in Alma's rota as suppliers of last resort. Requests can be fulfilled first by local rota members, and then be automatically exported to these systems for further processing.

    Read more here 


    Enhanced ILLiad Integration (Notes Management) 

    What’s New Highlights Impact
    Including request notes in requests pushed to ILLiad. Pushing borrowing requests into ILLiad will include request notes.

    Full integration, including pushing borrowing requests notes to ILLiad.

    Read more here


    Alma Analytics

    Oracle Data Visualization connected to Alma

    What’s New Highlights Impact
    Data Visualization will be available via Alma
    • DV reports can be added as objects to Alma similar to OAS reports.
    • DV reports can be viewed, scheduled, and sent via the Alma platform
    Easily and intuitively create reports demonstrating KPI's and trends that are integrated with your Alma workflows




    Export Shared Network Zone Bibliographic Records & Portfolios

    What’s New Highlights Impact
    Consortia member's can export Network Zone shared Bibliographic records and Portfolios from within the Institution Zone  Export jobs 'Export electronic portfolios' and 'Export bibliographic records' support exporting sets of content origin 'Network and Institution' Libraries can share bibliographic records and portfolios that are managed for them in the Network Zone with 3rd party systems using ad-hoc export utilities 


    Open Platform & Administration

    User Experience & Accessibility

    Safari Certification - Metadata Editor

    What’s New Highlights Impact
    The user can use the Metadata Editor in a Safari browser
    • Ability to use the MDE  in a Safari browser on MacOS​

    • Ability to use the MDE in a Safari browser on iOS, using an iPad in landscape orientation

    Users can use a larger variety of major browsers according to their preference

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