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    Migration to Alma from ProQuest Workflow Solutions

    How will Ex Libris manage the migration of ProQuest Workflow Solutions?

    Ex Libris, a ProQuest Company, is fully committed to streamlining the migration path to Alma from its classic 360 and Intota product suite.
    ExL has successfully migrated over 70 customers from Proquest classic solutions to Alma using generic migration tools. The merger between Ex Libris and Proquest allows for improving and extending the native support withing the Alma Migration Engine (AlmaME) for ProQuest classic products: 360 Link/Core (Link resolver activations), 360 RM (ERM)/Intota version 1 (ERM) and Intota Assessment/360 Counter. These tools will allow customers to export, transform and provide data in an Alma-ready format with minimal customer staff intervention or effort. In order to facilitate these improvements, Ex Libris has begun to coordinate close partnerships with select customers in order to develop, test and package these tools for intended general availability according to the following schedule:
    1. 360 RM/Intota v1 (ERM) to Alma:
    • Beta version availability (early adopters) – August 2016
    • General availability – November 2016
    • Will include migration of major RM elements:
      • Licenses
      • Vendors / contacts
      • Enrichment of database level e-resources or ILS-originated orders with core ERM data (Cost and Renewal)
    1. 360 Link/Core to Alma:
    • Beta version availability (for early adopters) - September 2016
    • General availability – December 2016
    • Will include migration of major 360 Link/Core elements: Databases (e-collections) and title holdings (portfolios)
    1. Intota Assessment/360 Counter:
    • Beta version availability (for early adopters) - March 2017
    • General availability – June 2017
    • Will include migration of previous 36 months of electronic usage Counter data
    • Institutions that implement Alma from June 2017 may choose to migrate this COUNTER data as part of their premium migration services
    1. Roadmap:
    The above tools and scope are intended to streamline the migration of the key and most commonly used data elements within the 360/Intota product suites in order to allow a smooth transition to Alma. However, Ex Libris has plans for future improvements to these tools which may not be covered in their initial releases, including:
    • Support for title level associations to licenses and cost data (the initial version of the tool will handle the more common DB/interface level associations). Any title associations of this type for institutions migrating prior to the delivered roadmap plans, may use existing Alma tools, including batch jobs and APIs, in order to update their existing data with the relevant title-specific data.
    • Improved handling and support for non-matched databases (due to Knowledge base differences between Alma and 360 core)

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