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    Digital Resource Management - March 2018 Enhancements

    Dublin Core Application Profiles

    Alma now provides two customizable Dublin Core profiles to which you can add local fields. These local fields can be used to contain metadata needed by your institution that is not supported by the standard Dublin Core format. For information on configuring these profiles, see Working with DC Application Profiles.
    The Dublin Core application profiles that you configure are available wherever there is an option to select a record format:
    • In the MD Editor, when adding fields to a Dublin Core record (Resources > Open Metadata Editor).
    • In the Record Format field, when when adding a representation (Resources > Add Digital Representation).
    • In the Record Format field, when adding a new collection (Resources > Manage Collections).
    • In the Target Format field, when configuring import profiles (Resources > Manage Import Profiles).
    • In the Bibliographic record formats to include field, when running the Export Digital Titles job (Admin > Run a Job).
    • In areas where you configure the metadata that appears in Alma:
      • In Search Indexes, where you configure the fields that are searchable in the Alma repository (Configuration > Resources > Search Configuration > Search Indexes).
      • In Delivery Profiles Metadata, where you configure the metadata fields that are displayed when viewing digital content in the Alma Viewer (Configuration > Fulfillment > Delivery Profiles Metadata).

    Handle PI Generation and Publishing

    The new Export Handles job exports digital bibliographic records in a batch file with persistent identifiers that can be used by a Handle server to display the metadata record of the file, or to display the file in a viewer. To support this feature, the new TASK_CHAIN_EXPORT_HANDLES privilege was added to the Digital Inventory Operator, Digital Inventory Operator Extended, Repository Administrator, and Repository Manager roles. For more information, see the entry for the Export Handles job in Running Manual Jobs on Defined Sets.

    Deliver Representations by MMS ID

    Delivery URLs can now use the MMS ID of a bibliographic record to display a representation. If the bibliographic record has multiple representations, Alma selects the representation to display according to the following order of preference:
    1. Derivative with the lowest PID
    2. First master
    3. First remote (HTML only)

    Support Collection Thumbnails in MD Import

    The Collection import profile now supports importing thumbnail images for the top-level and sub-collections. The thumbnail images and an EAD XML file that describes the collection hierarchy and the assignment of the thumbnail images must be placed in a zip file. For more information, see EAD File for Bulk Collection Import.
    In addition, the Physical Source Format field was removed from the Collection Import Profile Details page. Alma now detects the physical source format automatically.

    Additional Digital Resource Management Enhancements

    • You can now configure the Alma Viewer labels for each language that is configured. For more information, see Alma Viewer Labels.
    • The Deposit Profiles link was renamed Manage Deposit Profiles and was moved from Configuration > Resources > Deposit to Resources > Deposit.
    • You can now generate up to two access keys for digital storage rather than one.
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