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    Course Reserves - February 2018 Enhancements

    Resource Sharing Requests for Citations

    You can now initiate a resource sharing request for a citation. Note that, to use this feature, a) Ex Libris must enable this feature for your institution, and b) your Course Reserves Operator or Manager role must be in the scope of the resource sharing library. For more information, see Managing Citations.
    To create a resource sharing borrowing request for a citation: click the Resource Sharing Request citation action on the Edit Reading List page. The Resource Sharing Borrowing Request form appears. For more information see Creating a Borrowing Request. The form is prefilled with the citation information, as well as the parameter values of parameters starting with citation_rs_default_; see Other Settings.
    • Four new citation alerts related to resource sharing were added.
    • Four new customer parameters (starting with citation_rs_default_ ) were added to pre-fill certain information in the borrowing request, see Other Settings.
    • Reading list (reading_list) and citation (citation) codes were added to the Resource Sharing Receive Slip Letter; for the XSL, the codes are reading_list_name and citation_id; see Configuring Alma Letters.

    Citations of Type Note

    Citations with the new type Note (citations whose material type is set to Note; see Configuring Citation Material Types) can be added by instructors in Leganto. They are used to provide information to the students who are viewing the reading list, and do not need to be fulfilled by the library staff.
    They can also be added in Alma: add a non-repository citation and select the material type Note (or edit a citation to have this material type). More likely, you will see these types of citations after they are added to a reading list by an instructor.
    The only actions you can perform on these citations are Edit and Remove. See Managing Citations.

    Additional Course Reserves Enhancements

    • The course's Processing Department filter and column (initially hidden) were added to the Reading Lists Tasks List page; see Managing Reading Lists.
    • The Citation/Locate Status filter on the Edit Citations and Edit Reading List pages was split into Citation Status and Resource Locate.
    • For articles, volume and issue fields were added to the Copyright Attributes tab for a citation.
    • The options to modify the reading list visibility start and end dates, remove owners, or remove course associations was added to the Reading List Bulk Update job.
    • A course code can now be up to 255 characters (instead of 50 characters).
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