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    Next Release Sneak Preview

    The features below are currently planned for the next release. However, some of these features may, for various reasons, not be included in this month's release, but rather in a future Alma release.


    • New Options for Updating Order Records – You will be able to update some of the PO line attributes after the order is created and sent to the vendor.
    • Controlled Vocabulary for Local License Terms – When creating local license terms, a new Controlled Vocabulary option will allow for defining a list of possible values for the license term. 
    • License Templates – Similar to PO line templates, it will be possible to define license templates that can be used when creating new license records.
    • New Indications in the Electronic Resource Activation Task List – In the Electronic Resource Activation Task List, Alma will indicate whether the task is linked to a Rush PO line, or to a PO line with interested users.

    Resource Management

    • New Normalization Rule Options – New normalization rules syntax options will allow for splitting subfields based on a configured delimiter.
    • Peer Review/Open Access in Repository Staff Search – Peer Reviewed and Open Access indications will be searchable attributes of bibliographic records.
    • New Import Profile Option – A new import profile option will enable preventing the deletion of a bibliographic record if an active order exists for the record.
    • Authority Enrichment for Records Copied from the Community Zone – The linking process will consider records that have been copied from the Community Zone, and will create a link to the relevant authority records.
    • Enhancement of Multilingual Authorities – Multilingual authorities will be enhanced to support automatic linkage, and will be manageable without an explicit subfield 9 language indication.
    • Enhanced Match Routines – New fuzzy matching methods that match on the 008/date (within a year) and LDR/format will be available.

    Digital Resource Management

    • Publishing to Google Scholar for Digital Material – A new out-of-the-box publishing job will enable publishing digital content for Google Scholar.

    Resource Sharing 

    • Receive Slip for Physical Non-Returnable Requests – Receiving a physical non-returnable request will print a slip in the same manner as for returnable requests.

    Collaborative Networks

    • ID Types for Fulfillment Network – It will be possible to limit fulfillment network services only to patrons that have a configured ID type.


    • Discovery APIs – New APIs will make it possible to retrieve a full list of a given bibliographic record’s physical items. It will also be possible to use filters to filter the retrieved list of items.
    • Webhook for Change Log Updates – New Webhook configuration options will enable triggering webhooks when bibliographic records or physical items are updated.
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