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Alma January 2018 Release Notes

This Alma release provides numerous new features and enhancements. Some of these enhancements are a result of Idea Exchange or NERS initiatives.
PDF.png Download a PDF of the Release Notes – Note that the PDF includes the online help pages that describe the core functionality of the new features.

Make the Most of This Release

Action Items
Contributing SUSHI Accounts to The Community Zone – This new feature enables the entire Alma community to share SUSHI vendor details. Each institution can contribute operating SUSHI vendors to the Community Zone that other institutions will be able to copy and use.
Contributing Templates and Publishing Profiles to the Community Zone – These new features continue to expand the use of the Community Zone for the contribution and sharing of general publishing profile and metadata cataloging template configurations.
Customizable Dublin Core Record Forms – You can now customize metadata forms for staff-mediated deposit of digital records or adding digital representations. You can define the fields to be displayed, the order in which they appear, and which fields are mandatory. This is currently enabled for records cataloged using DC.
New Digital Inventory Subject Area – This new subject area can be used to obtain the full spectrum of trends and statistics in Alma Digital, including but not limited to the number of representations, files, file views, and file downloads. These measures can also be combined with date filters.
Loans and Requests Triggers for Webhooks – If loan and request information is used by an external application in your institution, you can now strengthen the integration between Alma and your institution's application by using the new Webhooks that will automatically update your application regarding changes in Alma's managed loans and requests.

What's New

The following sections present the new and changed features in this release of Alma.

New Alma User Interface

As of this release, the new UI is enabled as the default UI for all users, including users who have opted in the past to switch back to the classic UI. These users will still be able to switch back to the classic UI for the duration of the January release. 
As of the February release, users will no longer be able to use the classic UI.


Resource Management

Digital Resource Management


  • Fulfillment Enhancements – Several enhancements were made to the Fulfillment functional area for the January release.

Resource Sharing

Collaborative Networks


Administration and Infrastructure


  • You can now set the cataloging level (cataloging_level) when creating or updating a bibliographic record using the APIs.
  • A new API was created for deleting a holdings record. Note that the API also deletes the holdings from a PO line.
  • The following digitization request fields were added to the RESTful API as well:
    • Chapter/article title
    • Chapter/article author
    • Page numbers
    • Chapter and full chapter indication (true/false)

Alma-Summon Integration

The following improvements were made to Alma-Summon:

  • You can now provide up to five different user authentication links (previously limited to two links) on the User Login page.

Content Operations

Known Issues

There are no known issues for the January release.

Next Release Sneak Preview

View a list of the features that are planned for the February 2018 release.
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