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    2019 RN 05 MtM

    As many of you already know, Alma development periodically needs to take a "back seat," and maintenance, cloud infrastructure, and other important tasks need to be handled in order to ensure that Alma meets the highest standards of performance and high availability. The May 2019 release is devoted to such tasks.

    We'd also like to take this opportunity to update you on the following:

    NERS Updates

    The following is an overview of NERS Enhancements that have already been implemented or will be implemented in the coming months.

    NERS NERS Enhancement (ID # 4787): Staff search results for portfolios in the Community Zone will include the availability (active/not active) status of the electronic collection in the Institution Zone or the Network Zone, in case of a consortia.
    Delivery: June 2019 release
    NERS NERS Enhancement (ID # 5730): New options will be offered for letter configuration management to increase efficiency, including a Preview Letters option.
    Delivery: Early access in June 2019 for NERS representatives
    NERS NERS Enhancement (ID # 5746): New options will be added for better control of printing letters, including:
    • Associating multiple printers to a department/circulation desk. Delivery: January 2019 release.
    • Online print queues, which allows reports to be maintained on the platform. Delivery: Early access for NERS representatives in the June 2019 release.
    • Automatic printing through the browser. This is an additional development that was not part of the original NERS enhancement. Delivery: Early access for NERS representatives in Q3 2019.
    NERS NERS Enhancement (ID # 5659): Resource Sharing requests will include an option to revert the request back to its prior request status.
    Delivery: Early access for NERS representatives in the June 2019 release.


    DARA (Data Analysis Recommendation Assistant) was introduced as part of the March release. It attracted wide attention and interest on the part of the Alma community.

    Statistics show that for more than 300 institutions at least one recommendation was generated. ~72% of the recommendations were for loading SUSHI, and ~27% were recommendations for automating manual workflows. More than 100 of these recommendations were implemented.

    Switching SAML Certificates 

    The original SAML Signed Certificate will expire in October. Replace the certificate for Alma and/or Primo VE, as determined by your institution's IT department. If replacing the certificate, this must be done in coordination with your IDP. For more information, please see Replacing a Signed Certificate.

    Upcoming Issues of Note

    • In July, the GET bibliographic record API and the SRU API will return calculated summary information in the AVA field $$v instead of $$h.

    Alma Statistics (as of April 1, 2019)

    • We have more than 1.2 billion bibliographic records across all regions.
    • Over 1.7 billion API calls in the last three months, with the following top three regions:
      • EU – 766+ million
      • APAC – 498+ million
      • NA – 444+ million
    • More than 93 million loans across all regions.
    • More than 6 million requests across all regions.

    Idea Exchange Statistics

    • 76 ideas have a Planned status.
    • 170 ideas have already been completed.
    • Approximately 300 people interacted with Alma on Idea Exchange in the last 30 days.

    What's New Videos

    Stay Tuned and Watch This Space!

    Ex Libris and the Alma Product Working Group are in the process of testing a great new initiative for giving easy access to known issues in Alma. Plans are to release this to the wider Alma community in the coming months.

    The Alma Development team is in the process of a major infrastructure update to a next generation business intelligence analytics tool. More details will be available soon.

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