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    Resource Sharing - November 2017 Enhancements

    Copyright Payment Support for BLDSS

    If the Willing to Pay field is selected on a BLDSS borrowing request, the request is now sent with the payCopyright field set to True: <payCopyright>true</payCopyright>

    Willing to Pay was also added as an optional field on the new Primo borrowing request form. It is disabled by default and can be added from the Resource Sharing Form Customization page. Note that the field can be added only to the new request form, that is, when the rs_use_new_mashup_form parameter is set to TrueSee Customizing Primo Resource Sharing Forms.

    View Borrowing Requests from the Fund Transactions List

    It is now possible for a Fund Manager to view a borrowing request from the fund transactions list. For users with this role - but without a fulfillment services role - the requester information is hidden. The privilege VIEW_ANONYMOUS_REQUEST was added to the Fund Manager role for this purpose. See Borrowing Requests Associated with Funds.

    Update Shipping Costs with a Row Action

    Borrowing requests contain a new row action, Edit Shipping Costs.
    Edit Shipping Costs New UI.png
    Edit Shipping Cost Dialog Box
    This allows the user to update the shipping cost without opening the full edit form for the borrowing request. This option is also available for completed requests. See Workflow Actions.

    Additional Resource Sharing Enhancements

    • When creating a move request (ship physically/digitally) to fulfill a lending request, the following fields are added in a note:
      • Article\Chapter Title
      • Volume
      • Issue
      • Chapter
      • Pages
      • Year
      • Note
      For more information, see Placing Requests.
    • A new customer parameter, rs_specific_edition_only_default, was added (Configuration > Fulfillment > General > Other Settings). When the value of this parameter is True (which is the default), the Specific Edition Only check box is selected when opening the resource sharing request form in Primo (which is the current default). See Configuring Other Settings (Fulfillment).
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