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    Next Release Sneak Preview

    The features below are currently planned for the next release. However, some of these features may, for various reasons, not be included in this month's release, but rather in a future Alma release.


    • PO Line Letters – There will be an option to select whether to send the PO line to the vendor. New PO line purchase types will be added to the Acquisition Method list in order to define whether the PO line includes a letter or does not include a letter to the vendor.
    • Add License to PO Line with No Inventory – When creating a PO line without inventory in Alma, the PO line is created without an option to add or attach inventory to it. For PO lines of the type Electronic Service, it will now be possible to add a license to the PO line.
    • License per Group Setting – It will now be possible to associate a license per group setting.

    Resource Management

    • Support Publishing in RDA/RDF – General Publishing will have an option to provide a RDA/RDF record based on the MARC record that is retrieved in the API.  A new tab, Group Setting, will be added to the license record and will hold the link between the license and its groups. It will be possible to search licenses by group setting in the advanced search, and to filter the license list by group setting.

    Digital Resource Management

    • Enhanced DC Handling of SRU – There will be a number of new options related to enhancing the DC handling of SRU.


    • Fine and Fee Notification Profile - Fees – The fIne/fee notification profiles will have an additional Notification Fee field that will enable you to configure a fee for the notice.

    Resource Sharing

    • Activity Status on Resource Sharing Requests – It will now be possible to define an Active/Inactive status for a resource sharing library. If set to Inactive, incoming lending requests will be rejected, and patrons will not be able to place borrowing requests. 

    Collaborative Networks

    • Negotiation License – Currently it is not possible to define a negotiation where the content is different for each member. It will now be possible to indicate for each member the relevant content that was negotiated for the member.
    • Network Zone Configuration - General Electronic Service – It will now be possible to define General Electronic Services centrally in the Network Zone, and to distribute these settings to the member institutions.
    • General Publishing from the Network Zone – The publishing platform will be enhanced to provide the option for publishing records from the Network Zone, and from all member institutions directly from the Network Zone.


    • New Subject Area - OBI Usage – This new subject area will allow you to view which users accessed which reports in Analytics.


    • idea_exchange.png Idea Exchange: Restore Functionality – The Scan In Items area will be enhanced to include a restore option.


    • API to Combine Sets – It will be possible to use a POST call to create a new set based on a Boolean operator between two sets (logical/itemized). The output is always an itemized set.
    • Analytics API for Report List – This will be able to be used in Tableau Web Data Connector, among other uses.
    • BIBFRAME API – This API will expose catalog records as BIBFRAME.
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