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    Next Release Sneak Preview

    The features below are currently planned for the next release. However, some of these features may, for various reasons, not be included in this month's release, but rather in a future Alma release.


    • Additional Reporting Code Fields – Two additional reporting code fields will be added to PO lines and invoice lines. Additional configuration tables will support this. If these tables are empty, the two additional fields will not display in the PO line record. Note that related Analytics capabilities will follow in a later release

    Resource Management

    • Update to General Publishing Configuration – A new check box, Exclude suppressed records, will be added to the Add Holdings Information section of the General publishing profile.
    • Browse Call Numbers – It will be possible to filter the browse call number by library and location.
    • Auto Romanization of 880 (linked fields) – The first stage of the auto Romanization of 880 fields will be supported.
    • idea_exchange.png Idea Exchange: Enhancements to F3/Heading Lookup – It will now be possible to browse to the next/previous page when looking up authority headings. Twenty entries will display on a page, which will have separate tabs for authority and bibliographic headings.

    Digital Resource Management

    • New Status Email – A new status email will be sent regarding open/active deposits. The email can be configured to be sent on a weekly or monthly basis. Open deposits will differentiate between those waiting for input, draft, in process, and so forth.


    • Display RFID Security Status for Item – When fetching an item barcode using an RFID call, the retrieved item will have an additional label of RFID Status, which will be Checked Out or Available.

    Resource Sharing

    • Resource Sharing Limits – It will now be possible to define two types of resource sharing limits per user group: active requests limits and per year limits.

    Collaborative Networks

    • idea_exchange.png Idea Exchange: Linking Institution Zone to Network Zone Match Based on Prefix Qualifier – Linking from the Institution Zone to the Network Zone will be able to take into account a prefix qualifier when matching records. Match methods will allow you to define a System Identifier Prefix.
    • Item Description Rules – It will be possible to define item description rules on the level of the network, allowing member institutions the option of inheriting these rules.


    • Additional Fields in the Course Reserve Subject Area – Additional fields will be added to the Course Reserves subject area.
    • PO Line Material Type Field – This field will be added to all subject areas in which there is information about the PO line. This will greatly increase the effectiveness of cost usage reports.


    • Retention Policy for Audit Trail/History – A new parameter will define the number of days that the audit trail/history of user record changes will be retained. The anonymization job will clean the audit records accordingly.
    • One-Time Login to Primo – The August release will see support for a one-time login to Primo.


    • New API for Deleting Bibliographic Records – A new API will enable the deletion of bibliographic records. The same validations and procedures that are run when deleting a bibliographic record from the UI will apply to this API.
    • Create/Update/Delete API for Electronic Portfolios – A new API will enable the creation, update, and deletion of electronic portfolios.
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