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    Next Release Sneak Preview

    Resource Management

    • NERS.png A NERS Enhancement (Request ID 4057): Expand Repository Advanced Search Options – New advanced search comparison operators such as Does not contain keywords, Does not contain phrase, and Is not empty will be added to certain indexes.
    • Special Lookup/F3 for German Characters When Browsing Authority Headings – The filing value of authority headings in the Community Zone for German vocabularies (GND, RVK, BK) will be enhanced so that special characters are handled correctly.
    • Additional Functionality Related to Linked (880) Fields – It will be possible to link two existing fields for alternate graphic representation, unlink alternate graphic representation fields, or flip two existing fields for alternate graphic representation.
    • MD Editor Issues – A number of usability issues in the MD Editor will be improved with the July release. For example:
      • who last edited or modified a record
      • only one duplicate warning when saving a record
      • deactivating the automatic switch to the Alerts tab when viewing information in the Info tab.
    • Support for Dublin Core in Z39.50 – This will include crosswalk for DC to MARC and MARC to DC.
    • Updates to MARC21/UNIMARC/KORMARC/GND Profiles – MARC21 (version 23)/UNIMARC/KORMARC profiles will be updated.


    • Status Email Regarding End-User Deposits – A weekly or monthly status email will be sent regarding open and/or active user deposits.


    • Block Reading Room Loans from Regular Circulation Desks – A new loan policy will be set for reading room loans. If defined, the item will not be able to be loaned at a desk that is not a reading room desk.

    Collaborative Networks

    • idea_exchange.png Idea Exchange: New Options for Linked Account Rules – It will be possible to set a configuration for the expiry and purge dates in linked accounts to Recalculate at refresh. This will cause the dates to be recalculated according to the rule every time the linked record is refreshed.


    • Assign To Folder for Borrowing and Lending Requests – An Assign to folder will be added to the Borrowing and Lending Requests subject areas. It will include user details of the staff user to whom the borrowing or lending request is assigned.
    • NERS.png A NERS Enhancement (Request ID 3845):  Ability to Report on Past Events – A new subject area,  Physical Items Historical Events, will allow for reporting on historical events of physical items.
    • Copyright Fields in Borrowing and Lending Requests – Copyright fields in borrowing and lending requests will be added to the relevant subject areas in Analytics.


    • idea_exchange.png Idea Exchange: Read Only Attribute for Administrator Roles –  A Read Only attribute will be attachable to the Admin role. If activated, the role's privileges will be made available without the option to save or use Quick Add forms.


    • E-collections will be added under /bib/mms_id.
    • A user record will be able to be extracted based on the SOURCE_LINK_ID + SOURCE_INSTITUTION_ID fields
    • idea_exchange.png Idea Exchange:  A new API will be available to create a user fine/fee.
    • The Loan Due Date API will be updated.
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