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    Next Release Sneak Preview

    Resource Management

    • Browse Call Number – It will be possible to filter Browse Call Numbers by library and location. It will also be possible to open the Browse Shelf Listing from within the Physical Item Editor.
    • Enhanced Inventory Enrichment for the Publishing Process – Additional item and holdings details, such as creation and update dates of holdings and items, will be added to export profiles.
    • Display Relevant Call Numbers in Resource Management Pages – The relevant call number will display in a number of Resource Management pages, such as List of Items and List of Holdings page (Staff Search > Physical titles > Items).
    • Enrich Primo Publishing with Call Number Preferred/Non Preferred Data – The current Publish bibliographic records to Primo profile will be enhanced with a new content option: Classification Enrichment.
    • Authority Control Task List Improvements – When an authority record is deleted, manual handling may be needed. This type will now appear in the Review tab (instead of in the All tab). In addition, two new options—by title and by bibliographic heading—will be added for searching the Authority Task List.
    • Authority Partial Redirection – There is a need to be able to identify when an authority record is updated (for example, with the death date of an author) or when an authority record is split. These changes will now be reported in the Authority Control Task List.
    • German Language-Related Issues – The search index of relevant Community Zone data (such as German authorities) will support both English and German language variations.


    • New Parameters in the Fines/Fees Notification Profile – Two new parameters in the Fines/Fees Notification profile will allow for skipping patrons that have active loans and for skipping patrons whose expiry date is in the past and whose status is inactive.
    • New Configuration Option for Overdue and Lost Loan Profiles – Currently the Overdue and Lost Loan Profile creates a fine for every loan that is included in the notice to the patron. It will now be possible to trigger a fee per notice rather than per loan.
    • Sort Pick From Shelf List – Pick from Shelf lists will have options for sorting by location and call number. This sorting will also be available by API.

    Resource Sharing

    • idea_exchange.png Idea Exchange: Add Assignment Tab to the Borrowing Request Task List – Currently resource sharing lending requests can be assigned to a staff user, but borrowing requests cannot. It will now be possible to assign borrowing requests as well.
    • Fulfillment Network Pickup Option – A new resource sharing option will be introduced that will support the integration of direct requesting within the fulfillment network. This will be visible in the request form, which will have new options for preferred pickup institution and library.


    • Add Linked Account Institution to Users Subject Area – Adding linked account institution information to the Users subject area will make it easier for fulfillment networks to create reports of fulfillment network activity.
    • idea_exchange.png Idea Exchange: Update to Bibliographic Details Shared Folder - Brief Level, Originating System, and Originating System ID fields will be added to the Bibliographic Details shared folder.


    • idea_exchange.png Idea Exchange: Audit Trail/History for User Record Changes – A user record will include an audit trail of who made changes to the user record and when these changes were made. This will apply to any segment of the user record (including roles).


    • The expected receiving date will be added as a filter on the Get PO Lines API.
    • Create, Update, and Delete APIs will be available for electronic collections and services.
    • Export User information - Webhook support will be available for user creation, deletion, and update.
    • The Set Members API’s id_type parameter will be enhanced to support additional IDs for creating sets.
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