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    Content Operations - May 2017 Enhancements

    Library of Congress Authorities Community Zone Updates

    The following are the Library of Congress subject authority updates for the period of March 16th through April 20th:
    • Number of records updated: 135
    • Number of records added: 232
    • Number of records deleted: 42
    The following are the Library of Congress name authority updates for the period of March 16th through April 20th:
    • Number of records updated: 20928
    • Number of records added: 28769
    • Number of records deleted: 590
    The following are the Canadian name authority updates for the period of March 16th through April 20th:
    • Number of records updated: 163
    • Number of records added: 1971
    • Number of records deleted: 44
    The following are the Library of Congress Genre/Form Terms (LCGFT) updates for the period of March 16th through April 20th:
    • Number of records updated: 4
    • Number of records added: 23

    New Electronic Collections Added to the Alma CKB

    The following collections were added to the Alma Community Zone from March 20th through April 23rd:
    • Abraham Lincoln Association Serials
    • Accessible Archives Complete
    • Agriculture Collection
    • AMA Manual of Style
    • American Medical Association (EIRA)
    • American Medical Association (EIRA)
    • Automotive News
    • BEP 2010 Digital Library
    • Biodiversity Heritage Library
    • BMJ Journals (EIRA)
    • Business Economics & Theory Collection
    • Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities
    • Cambridge Journals Online Archives (EIRA)
    • Chinese Electronic Periodical Services Engineering
    • Chorus America
    • Diversity Studies Collection
    • Environmental Studies & Policy
    • Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Economic Research Publications
    • Free Medical Journals
    • Gale Directory Library
    • Gender Studies Collection
    • HeinOnline Slavery in America and the World: History, Culture & Law
    • Hellenic Academic Libraries Link
    • Kids InfoBits
    • LiebertOnline Archives (EIRA)
    • Literature Criticism Online
    • LWW Archive (EIRA)
    • LWW Health Library - Premium Basic Science Collection
    • Mary Ann Liebert Online - Open Access
    • MIT Sloan Management Review
    • New England Journal of Medicine (EIRA)
    • NRC Research Press Journals
    • Oxford Journals Archive (EIRA)
    • Oxford Journals Collection (EIRA)
    • Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Collection
    • PhysicsWorld Archive
    • ProQuest Central Essentials
    • Research In Context
    • Routledge Handbooks Online Archaeology & Classics
    • Routledge Handbooks Online Asian Studies
    • Routledge Handbooks Online Business & Economics
    • Routledge Handbooks Online Communication, Journalism, Media and Culture
    • Routledge Handbooks Online Complete
    • Routledge Handbooks Online Criminal Justice & Criminology
    • Routledge Handbooks Online Development Studies
    • Routledge Handbooks Online Education
    • Routledge Handbooks Online Environment & Sustainability
    • Routledge Handbooks Online Foreign Languages
    • Routledge Handbooks Online Geography
    • Routledge Handbooks Online Health and Social Care
    • Routledge Handbooks Online History
    • Routledge Handbooks Online Law
    • Routledge Handbooks Online Linguistics
    • Routledge Handbooks Online Literature
    • Routledge Handbooks Online Middle East Studies
    • Routledge Handbooks Online Music
    • Routledge Handbooks Online Performance
    • Routledge Handbooks Online Philosophy
    • Routledge Handbooks Online Planning
    • Routledge Handbooks Online Politics
    • Routledge Handbooks Online Psychology
    • Routledge Handbooks Online Religion
    • Routledge Handbooks Online Security Studies
    • Routledge Handbooks Online Sociology
    • Routledge Handbooks Online Sport & Leisure
    • Routledge Handbooks Online Tourism, Hospitality and Events Management
    • SAGE Business Researcher
    • Sage Journals Archives (EIRA)
    • SBRnet
    • ScienceDirect (EIRA)
    • ScienceDirect Archives (EIRA)
    • Slavery and Anti-Slavery: A Transnational Archive Part I
    • Small Business Collection
    • Small Business Resource Center
    • Something About The Author Online
    • Springer eBooks (EIRA)
    • Springer Journals (EIRA)
    • Springer Journals (Swiss National License)
    • SpringerLink Books J.B. Metzler Humanities German 2017
    • SpringerLink Books Mathematics and Statistics Without Lecture Notes 2017
    • SpringerLink Lecture Notes in Mathematics 2017
    • U.S. History Collection
    • Wanfang Med Online Journals
    • Westlaw RIA Checkpoint
    • Wiley Online Library (EIRA)
    • World History Collection

    New External Search Resources

    The following new external search resources were added to the Community Zone for the May release:
    • FENNICA - The National Bibliography of Finland
    • Catálogo Colectivo del Patrimonio Bibliográfico (CCPB)


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