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    Resource Sharing - February 2017 Enhancements

    Adding a Note on Query to Patron

    The Query to Patron letter can be sent from a resource sharing borrowing request. A note field was added to this letter. The query to patron window is invoked from the Send query to patron link on the Resource Sharing Borrowing Requests task list (see Managing Resource Sharing Borrowing Requests).
    Query to Patron
    The note field is available when using the new format of the Query to Patron letter. Note that you must set send_query_to_patron_use_xsl to true to use the new format (see Configuring Other Settings). 
    The note appears in the QueryToPatronLetter.
    Query to Patron Letter

    Notifying a Broker About a Recall Request

    Alma now sends an NCIP RecallItem message to notify a broker that an item is requested for recall. The message includes item information and the desired due date. The message is sent for all NCIP partners, regardless of their system types. Additionally, the RenewItem message is now sent for all NCIP partners, regardless of their system types.
    You must configure the Broker System NCIP URL in the partner record to successfully send this message.
    For more information, please see Broker Based Resource Sharing - Lending.

    Map Levels of Service for BLDSS

    The Create Order message for BLDSS (British Library) borrowing requests includes a service/speed attribute to indicate the delivery speed requested. The Alma levels of service are now mapped to the Service/Speed element. The mapping levels are:
    BLDSS Message Mapping
    BLDSS Message Alma Message(s)
    Immediate Download Express (Local)
    2 Hours Rush (Local)
    Rush (Extended)
    24 Hours Priority (Local)
    Priority (Extended)
    Within 4 days Normal (Full)
    Normal (Local)
    When Convenient
    For more information on Alma levels of service, see Configuring Levels of Service.
    For more information on the BLDSS levels of service, see Resource Sharing Partners.

    Additional Resource Sharing Enhancements

    •  A NERS Enhancement: MMS-ID appears in the Excel export from the Resource Sharing Lending Requests Task List and the Resource Sharing Borrowing Requests Task List. The new column, MMSID, appears as the last column in the export.
    • The title for the receiving items pop-up window changed to Receive Items. The title for the shipping multiple items pop-up window changed to Ship Multiple Items.
    • When a resource sharing request or a message (Cancel, Recall, Reject, Renew, Request Renew and Return) fails to be sent to ISO or email partners, the resource sharing message is now attached to the request (in the Attachments tab), an audit message is added, and a note is added to activate the request notes. 
    • A new parameter, Requested Format, with possible values of Digital, Physical, and Physical non-returnable, was added to the Sending Borrowing Request Rules (Fulfillment > Fulfillment Configuration > Configuration Menu > Resource Sharing > Sending Borrowing Request Rules) page. See Adding Sending Borrowing Request Rules.
    • Search attributes for lending and borrowing requests now include Other Standard ID and Remote Record ID.
    • Two new statuses have been added to the status list for lending requests: Lost and Damaged.
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