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    Fulfillment - February 2017 Enhancements

    Course-Related Enhancements

    • Additional options are available for On rollover copy copyright approvals when configuring a course loader integration profiles. See Configuring Course Loading.
    • Once a reading list is associated with a course, copyright records may be fully or partially locked for accounting purposes. For more information, see Automatically Managing a Citation's Copyright Status.
    • The columns Approval Reason, Date Available To, and Date Available For were added to the Approval Requests List. These columns are initially hidden. The date columns refer to the dates that the material are requested be available for a citation in a course. For more information on this page, see Digitization Processing.

    Additional Fulfillment Enhancements

    • After selecting Automatically approved when configuring a digitization profile rule, you can select the approval reason. For more information, see Adding a Digitization Profile Rule.
    • idea_exchange.png An Idea Exchange Enhancement: A new customer parameter, check_for_expired_account, can be used in order to prevent fulfillment activities in case of an expired user. When set to true, the parameter will prevent patron requests or resource sharing requests from expired patrons. An override warning is displayed in Alma for resource sharing requests. The parameter is set to false by default. See Configuring Other Settings.
    • It is now possible to disable roles that could previously change the loan status to Claimed Returned. To disable these roles, contact Ex Libris Support.
    • When changing the due date option in Manage Patron Services, the due date is now revised to match the expiry date of the patron (this already happens when loaning or renewing an item). When this happens a warning message appears to inform the user that the due date has been changed. See Loaning Items.
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