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    Resource Sharing - January 2017 Enhancements

    Alma Document Delivery for Resource Sharing Requests

    Resource Sharing requests that are fulfilled digitally as a document delivery service may now be sent from the lender institution as an email that contains a link to the digital resource. The patron gets access to the resource only following a successful authentication. The link remains active for a configurable time, and the number of patron accesses may also be limited by the lender. 
    This new option is in addition to the previously existing option to send the digital content as an attachment in the email.
    This functionality is active only when both resource sharing partners are Alma institutions using the ISO protocol. The digitization target in the applicable digitization profile rule must be set to Document delivery - link. The Requested Format in both corresponding borrowing and lending requests at both institutions must also be set to Digital
    For more information, see Delivering Digitized Items.

    Control Creation of Move Request from a Lending Request

    A new user parameter, rs_auto_request_lending_with_serials, controls whether a move request will automatically be created when the lending request is created on a serial or multi-volume title. If the lending side located record is associated with at least one multi-volume or serial item (that is, the item that has a Description field), setting the parameter to false will stop the move request from being automatically created. If the parameter is set to true, the move request will still be created. The parameter defaults to true.
    For more information, see Configuring Other Settings.

    Additional Resource Sharing Enhancements

    • If the customer parameter, rs_borrower_copyright_management is set to true, the Resource Sharing Copyright Status page becomes available to configure resource sharing copyright statuses  (Fulfillment Configuration > Configuration Menu > Resource Sharing > Copyright Status). For more information, see Configuring Resource Sharing Copyright Statuses.
    • Setting the customer parameter, rs_allow_actions_on_scan_in to false, now blocks shipping from Manage Item Returns in addition to the previously existing block on the Scan In Items page. The block on the Manage Item Returns page does not include an override option.
    • When Alma is configured to automatically create a move request upon lending creation (that is, rs_auto_request_lending is set to true), a barcode is sent as part of the request and the barcode is part of the Locate by fields. Alma creates the move request based on the barcode regardless of the setting for request with volume/issue in the rs_auto_request_lending_with_volume_issue parameter.
    • If the lending setup of the resource sharing library has the Reject request when no requestable/available items check box selected, and a lending request is created with the barcode as part of the Locate by fields (sent as part of the request), the requestability will be checked based on the barcode that was sent.
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