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    Analytics - January 2017 Enhancements

    Network ID Field Added to Bibliographic Details

    The Network ID field was added to the shared Bibliographic Details dimension for use by institutions implementing a Network Zone. It is the same as the MMS ID of the bibliographic record in the Network Zone and can be used to create reports that show the MMS ID in the member institution (using the existing MMS ID) as well as the corresponding MMS ID in the Network Zone (using the new Network ID).
    Network ID

    Title (Normalized) and ISSN (Normalized) Fields Added to Bibliographic Details

    The Title (Normalized) and ISSN (Normalized) fields were added to the shared Bibliographic Details dimension. These fields are useful when you want to use the normalized title or ISBN from one subject area to compare with a report with fields from a different subject area.
    Title (Normalized) and ISSN (Normalized)

    View It Clicks of Digital Representations in Link Resolver Usage

    It is now possible to configure Alma Analytics to include View It clicks of digital representations when calculating link resolver usage. For information on configuring this feature, see Configuring Other Settings.

    Additional Analytics Enhancements

    • Alma Analytics can now export up to 500,000 lines to a CSV file.
    • The Source field in the Link Resolver Usage subject area now displays the Leganto course code and course section.
    • The Storage Location ID field was added to the Physical Item Details dimension of the Physical Items subject area. It holds the ID of the storage location of the physical item.
    • The Partner Deleted Status field was added to the Partner dimension of the Borrowing Requests subject area. It indicates whether the partner was deleted.
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