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    Acquisitions - August 2016 Enhancements

    Analytics Issues Report for Continuous Items

    You can now view an Analytics report on missing items directly from the Received Items List page when managing the items of a continuous PO line.
    To view the report:
    1. On the Receive New Material page for continuous items (Acquisitions > Receiving and Invoicing > Receive; select the Continuous tab), select Actions > Manage Items for one of the PO lines. The Received Items List page appears.
      Received_items_list _continuous_with_analytics_issues_report_highlighted.png
      Received Items List Page
    2. Click Analytics Issues Report. The Missing Items report appears.
      Missing Issues Report
      • Click Open in a new window to open the report in a new browser tab.
      • Click Expand to open the report in Analytics and change the settings.
      • Click Close to close the report.

    Additional Acquisitions Enhancements

    • The assertion PO Line created by EOD was added to purchasing review rules.
    • For added convenience, the default field selected for the Find search on the transactions page is now PO Line.
    • You can now configure the list of rejection reasons for a patron purchase request. See Configuring Purchase Request Reject Reasons.
    • When saving or receiving a PO line, the warning The bib record is brief appears for PO lines attached to records considered brief (equal to or lower than the value specified in brief_level).
    • Patron purchase requests are now visible in Primo together with other requests initiated by the user (My Account > Requests). The information includes:
      • Type - Purchase Request
      • Title - The title, with a link to the title (if one exists)
      • Author
      • Status - Status of the request
      • Location - The owning library
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