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    Digital Resource Management - August 2016 Enhancements

    Dublin Core Support for Bulk Ingest of Bibliographic Records

    Alma now includes enhanced support for Dublin Core format for bibliographic records.
    • In the MD Editor, when adding a metadata element with an encoding schema, a list of the schemas appears in a drop-down list. For example:
      Dublin Core Encoding Schema
    • The dcterms namespace was added for DC elements in the MD Editor and when creating import profiles that use the DC format.
      This is configured in Resource Management > Resource Configuration > Configuration Menu > Cataloging > Metadata Configuration:
      Metadata Configuration - Qualified Dublin Core
    • In View mode, the namespaces and encoding schema now appear for records in DC format.
      DC Namespaces
    • You can select DC fields as conditions when performing an advanced search:
      Advanced Search Conditions

    Additional Digital Resource Management Enhancements

    • In mobile devices, PDF files are now displayed as download links, so that you can download these files and view them using a PDF viewer.
    • The job report produced when selecting Remove All to remove all titles from a collection (Resource Management > Search and Sets > Managing Collections > Actions > Edit) now displays the number of titles that were not removed from the collection because they contain digital inventory.
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