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    Acquisitions - May 2016 Enhancements

    PO Line Dates and Related Invoice Lines Displayed when Adding an Invoice Line 

    When viewing or adding invoice lines attached to continuous PO lines, you can now see:
    • The To and From subscription dates of the associated PO line
    • The last (up to five) invoice lines associated with this PO line.
    This information is helpful for seeing if you already received an invoice for the latest coverage period.
    Users need to use this method as their primary method of manually checking for subscription overlap during the Create Invoice process.
    Adding Invoice Line for Continuous PO Line
    Viewing Invoice Line for Continuous PO Line
    In addition, if the invoice line has a note, the note (or part of the note and a tooltip) appears in the invoice line list when viewing the PO line or the invoice.
    Invoice Line List
    For more information, see the marked areas in Creating an Invoice From a PO or Manually.
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