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Opening Community Zone Content for Provider Access Initiative

Opening the Community Zone content for providers is set to allow each provider to review their own content exactly the way that Alma users are viewing the content while working with Alma's Community Zone. Each provider has their own unique user name and password which will allow them to access the Community Zone and review their content, when accessing the Community Zone each provider will be able to view only their content and not content from other providers. This initiative is set to achieve the following goals:

  • More transparency –

    Providers will be able to see how their content is represented in the Community Zone, and they can flag any errors or inconsistencies. This will help to ensure that the Community Zone is a reliable source of information for librarians and other users.

  • Easier collaboration –

    Ex Libris and providers can work together more easily to improve the quality and accuracy of the Community Zone content. For example, providers can suggest changes to their records, or they can help Ex Libris to resolve customer issues.

  • Better alignment –

    Providers can check the alignment of their content in the Community Zone to ensure that it is consistent with their own records. This can help to reduce the risk of errors and confusion.

  • Faster resolution of customer issues –

    Ex Libris and providers can work together to resolve customer issues more quickly.

In case you are a provider and you do not have the credentials to access the Community Zone and view your content, please contact the Provider Relations team at: to ask for access. This email address can also be used for general support questions.


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