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    360 KB: Databases with Selected (Incomplete) Full Text

    • Product: 360 KB

    Where can I find a list of databases that some holdings that are not full-text?

    360 KB tracks some selected full-text databases for titles that are known to have gaps in coverage and that some clients still want to track.

    The following is a list of databases that have a "Selected Full Text" status:

     Provider Name  Database Name  
     Dow Jones Factiva  Factiva (Selected Full Text)
     LexisNexis   LexisNexis Academic (Asia Pacific) (Selected Full Text only)
     LexisNexis   LexisNexis Academic (Canadian) (Selected Full Text only) 
     LexisNexis   LexisNexis Academic (Selected Full Text only) 
     LexisNexis   LexisNexis Library Express (Selected Full Text only)
     LexisNexis   LexisNexis Scholastic (Selected Full Text only)
     LexisNexis   Nexis UK (Selected Full Text Only) 
     LexisNexis   LexisNexis Advance (Selected Full Text)
     Thomson West   Campus Research: Law - Selected Full-text Titles - powered by Westlaw (U.S.) 
     Thomson West   Campus Research: News & Law - Selected Full-text Titles - powered by Westlaw (U.S. 
     Thomson West   Lawschool - Selected Full-text Titles

    NOTE: These databases may cause problems for 360 Link (and other link resolvers) and the Summon™ service because both types of services presuppose uninterrupted coverage. For more information, please see 360 Core: Data Optimization - Review Database and Title Selections.     

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 21-Feb-2014
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