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    360 KB: SAGE Journals Databases from SAGE Publications: Database Name Changes and Retirements -- March 2018

    What is happening to the names of the SAGE Journals Databases?

    SAGE Publications sells subject specific front-file, back-file, and full-text collections listed here:

    In order to accurately reflect how they sell their content to mutual customers, in accordance with the Knowledgebase collection policy, we will be making a number of changes to the SAGE journals databases in the Knoweldgebase. These include:

    • Subject collection databases with 2017 in the name will have the 2017 removed and be the updated collections moving forward (this will include the new 2018 titles lists and all future updates SAGE provides). There a couple of exceptions to this where a 2017 collection did not exist so the collection with the highest subscriber count was kept.
    • Pre-2017 subject collection databases will be hidden from view with no future subscriptions possible. The titles will also be removed to prevent bad metadata from populating to customers and link resolvers.
    • To match new naming conventions provided by SAGE Publications, the SAGE Theology collections will be renamed SAGE Religion.


    These changes will not affect the SAGE Premier collections or SAGE Deep Backfile packages.

    This change will take effect on March 5, 2018:

    • Before March 5: SAGE Criminology Collection 2017
    • After March 5: SAGE Criminology Collection


    Actions you may need to take:

    • If you are not subscribed to the 2017 front-file or back-file collections of subject specific databases, you may need to subscribe for all future updates from SAGE Publications.
    • If you are a 360 Resource Manager, 360 Counter, or Intota client, you may need to make some changes to your account settings before March 5, 2018:
      • Intota users click here.
      • Client Center users click here.
    • If you are a 360 MARC Updates client and have requested the custom specification that adds the database name as it appears in the Client Center/Intota to MARC records, you can expect to see some change records when you get your MARC records after March 5.
    • If your library uses a third-party service (such as EBSCO A-Z, etc.), custom scripts to manage data, or other non-ProQuest tools that require the database name to function, you should note the change in ProQuest's database name in order to retain the proper relationship/mapping between those tools.


    • Article last edited: 22-JAN-2017