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    Alma Community Zone CONSER Records Cleanup

    We have identified a group of Alma Community Zone Serial Records that were incorrectly enriched with CONSER metadata due to inaccurate (title-based) matching, meaning they contained metadata that is not accurate for this title. 

    An old one-time enrichment process caused some OCLC numbers and CONSER numbers to appear in more than one bibliographic record, that they should not have been associated with. 

    Following discussions with the Community Zone Management Group (CZMG), we have agreed to run a cleanup process to remove the incorrect metadata from these mismatched records and restore them to their original state.

    As a result, we have reinstated 8,500 records that we identified as incorrectly associated with another record's metadata, to their original (likely brief) metadata and then used CONSER records to enrich only the correct records by matching via ISSN. We have successfully and accurately processed 4,200 which are now fully enriched with the correct metadata.

    The brief records may be enriched at a later time if they are assigned an ISSN and added to a future CONSER update.

    In this file you can find the MMS IDS of records that were affected.





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