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    Provider Zone rollback

    The Provider Zone was launched in 2020 in order to enable publishers to upload their content directly, with full control over the quality and display.

    The project is now being phased out, as we are moving collections to Ex Libris managed daily updates.

    This change will have no impact on activations or availability.

    If there are PZ records and portfolios in your Institution Zone, this change will be reflected in the following aspects:

    1. Removal of PZ indication from collections, portfolios and Bibliographic records (see below screenshot).
    2. PZ Bibliographic records that do not have any equivalent in the CZ will be transformed to become CZ records. This will not affect their current MMS ID.
    3. PZ Bibliographic records will be merged with existing CZ records. The PZ MMS ID will be deleted.
    4. PZ portfolios will relink to the merged Bibliographic records, this will result in a Community Zone Update Task List report “Portfolio bibliographic record updated”.



    Please see below the timeline:


    Action Number of affected items Timeline Status
    Preparing and updating IEEE 77 collections; 3,800 records End of February 2024 Review and tests
    Preparing and updating eBook Central  26 collections; 325,000 records End of March 2024  
    Preparing and updating Sage 46 collections; 15,000 records End of April 2024  








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    • Article last edited: 06-FEB-2024
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