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    ProQuest Ebook Central Business-Day Creation of New Book Titles

    We are very excited to announce the release of a new process to enable the daily creation of new book titles for the "Ebook Central Perpetual, DDA and Subscription Titles" collection in the Alma Community Zone, starting 15 November 2021.


    When a NEW title is added to the "Ebook Central Perpetual, DDA and Subscription Titles" package by EBC, a new portfolio will be created in the Alma Community Zone within one business day.

    In the event that a Bibliographic record for this title already exists in the Community Zone, the portfolio will be associated with the existing Bib, based on the known identifiers.

    If no Bib is found, a new Bib record will be created using the most current quality metadata supplied by EBC at the time of the creation.

    There will be no indication of "Managed By" for these Portfolios or Bib records. 


    Further metadata updates will apply to this Bib record once made available by either EBC or other Content Providers. 


    For more information on the ProQuest Ebook Central process of metadata creation and availability, please see the ProQuest Support Center Article "Ebook Central Admin: MARC record details and samples".

    Based on the above the "Express MARC" records will be made available immediately upon creation of the Bib record in the CZ, and the additional metadata from the "Full MARC" will be supplemented over time.


    For institutions benefiting from the EBC Upload Electronic Holdings feature, these titles will be activated and available in your catalog automatically, in accordance to the daily update cycles of this feature.


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