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    SpringerNature Journal Title Deletions in Alma CZ

    Titles were deleted across various SpringerNature journal collections. As part of the content update and alignment process, the file locations of SpringerNature collections were audited to ensure the collections are accurately updated with the correct files as supplied by SpringerNature on their KBART site. In some instances deletes are part of the update process; in other instances titles do need to be restored. See each subsection below for more details.

    We are working with our colleagues at SpringerNature to address deleted title issues and resolve them as quickly as possible. We will update this article when we have timeline(s) for resolution.

    Ceased, transferred, or archived publications

    Ceased, transferred, or archived publications are titles that are no longer being published by SpringerNature. These titles are now fully published by another organization or are no longer active. However, for the time that the title was actively published by SpringerNature, content is still available for some institutions. SpringerNature has added many of the missing titles and is still working through the remaining ones. We will update this section when we have a timeline for resolution.

    Titles that now fall under Palgrave branding

    Some journal titles have shifted to, a SpringerNature imprint, and, as such, are no longer available through The missing Palgrave Journals can be found in the Springer Palgrave Macmillan Journals collection. Please activate titles through Springer Palgrave Macmillan Journals collection as they will not be made available via SpringerLink Journals Complete.


    Title history entries

    Titles/portfolios for historical title entries, previous titles, and title splits/merges were also deleted from the SpringerLink Journals collections as part of the content update process, in order to ensure the collection in Alma matches the title list provided by SpringerNature. We will be including only those title entries as found in the KBART file(s).

    Future SpringerNature content changes

    To prevent future disturbances to access and discovery, we are working closely with SpringerNature to add missing SpringerNature collections, improve the naming of collections to align with the SpringerNature product name, verify that each collection is updated using the appropriate SpringerNature title list and that title counts are closely monitored and compared with the source files.

    Further details of these changes and additions to SpringerNature content will be noted in the Content Release notes.

    For later information see:


    • Article last edited: 11 May 2020