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VLEBOOKS Title list issue


  • Product: Alma.


The Vlebooks title list contains many titles that are just question marks "?"

???????        9781088179475
:???        9781088188453
:???????        9781088188590
???????        9781088188736
??????        9781667421469
(??): Waterfall (15 short stories in simplified Chinese characters)        9781915884183
?????? ???? ????????? ??????? ?????? ???&#2381    9781913962043



This is happening because the publisher came like this to the provider.

In order to resolve this issue, the provider is working with the publisher and the publisher is currently looking into how these records can be improved or these ISBNs skipped from the KBART feed.

There is no timeline to resolve this issue in the title list. Once we get an updated title list or the timeline to resolve this issue, we will update this article.



  • Article created: 30-August-2023
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