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Customer Linking Parameters in CDI Links

Some providers require specific configurations for the links of their collections to access their content. In these cases, special credentials should be added to the link to create a customer-specific URL.

For linkresolver linking, CDI users can configure these special customer linking parameters in SFX/ALMA, as explained here for Alma.

SFX Information about linking parameters can be found in the SFX General User’s Guide > KBManager > Linking parameters section and here.

For CDI Link in Record links, the configuration was done in Primo / Primo VE, using Templates as explained here.

Starting February 2024, CDI Quicklinks and Link in record links will be able to use the SFX/Alma customer linking parameters also in CDI Links, because they are now included as part of the Alma CDI publishing / SFX CDI export.

The move will be gradual, as more and more collections will be changed to use the SFX/Alma customer linking parameters. In addition to this, we will update in the CDI release notes for any change of specific CDI collections which requires the linking parameter authentication to be configured.

In Q1 and Q2 2024, we will focus on Gale and ProQuest collections.

We encourage all customers who are subscribed to Gale and ProQuest collections to make sure their institution specific customer linking parameters are configured on the SFX/Alma collection.

To add or edit linking parameters in Alma, you can use the Activation wizard (during initial activation)
(In this example the collection is from Gale so the parameter is Gale one, LOC_ID).

Or use the Electronic service editor (after activation), in the Linking Tab.

Adding the parameters now will not change how the links are working in CDI, as this requires change on Ex Libris side. But inserting the parameters to collections now will ensure that any change in CDI will not affect the users experience and make sure that linking will keep working.


  • For SFX/CDI customers, changes were made in the SFX December 2023 release to ensure that linking parameters are published to CDI and can be used for linking. If you have a local installation, please make sure that you have applied the December 2023 release Notes to ensure that the links will continue to work.

  • Since the linking parameters are part of the Alma CDI publishing / SFX CDI export and the CDI activation processing, it may take some time for the CDI linking parameters to become available for users. For more information, see Managing Your Subscriptions and Free Content in CDI.

  • This functionality will be available only for collections with portfolios. Collections of type databases will be supported in later stage during 2024.


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