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    Best Practices for Submitting Content Support Cases



    Submitting a Support Case

    In general, a support case can be opened either through Salesforce (Support Portal) or through the product directly. This feature of submitting cases via the product is available in Alma and SFX using the "Report to Ex Libris" button.

    • Set the Priority appropriately, based on impact.
      For example, if the issue is on the collection level or high impact on the students its priority might be High, but issues on the title level should be left as Normal.

      Based on the priority set on the case, we will react accordingly; we prioritize High cases first to make sure we address the higher impact issues.
      We need you to indicate the real sense of urgency, so that we can address cases correctly.

      In the event that you would like to increase the priority please add a comment for our Support Analyst to change the priority.
      To escalate a case, see the following Escalation Policy.
    • Provide the collection information and the provider information.
      This information is critical as it allows us to get a better sense of trends and overarching issues earlier, so that we can prioritize large scale issues as well as learn where there might be underlying issues that need to be addressed directly.

      For Alma and SFX institutions using the "Report to Ex Libris" button will fill in the collection information and provider information automatically on your behalf.
    • Always provide as much relevant details to the issue description, include scenarios, screen captures and any additional information. This will help us to better understand the scenario and the issue you are encountering, as well as the impact.
    • Submit one issue per case.
      One case with multiple issues is difficult to manage as one issue may be resolved while another may not. Having one case per issue also improves your experience as the support you are given is focused on the specific topic you raised.
    • Add category and sub-category, by selecting relevant values from the dropdown list.
      The list includes a simple and short list of categories to select. For example, you can indicate if you are requesting to add/remove/update titles, or if this is a linking issue or perhaps an enrichment question.

    Please note that the more information you provide, the more it helps us to analyze the case quicker and assign it to the relevant expert for analysis and resolution.

    Requesting New Content

    Requests for NEW content should be submitted via the Idea Exchange. We are currently completing a revised mechanism to assist us in reviewing and prioritizing these requests, as well as requests from NERS, providers and from Sales.

    The only requests for NEW content that should be submitted via Salesforce Cases are requests for ProQuest content.

    The addition of annual collections is managed on a Knowledge Center article (Alma/SFX link) and is based on our knowledge of the providers who supply and maintain annual collections. If you know of an additional provider who supports annual collections, please let us know via Support Case.

    If you noticed that we have missed a specific annual collection from a provider on the list that we said we completed, please submit a support case.

    Providers who would like to be in touch with us directly can reach us at



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