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    CX/GSO Alignment Project: Ex Libris Support Portal Changes October 2018

    • Product: Cross-Product
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    The Ex Libris and ProQuest global Technical Product Support organizations are very pleased to share some upcoming improvements to how we provide support.


    Because so many customers use both Ex Libris products and ProQuest content platforms, we began a project earlier this year to align how the two support organizations work together.  As a result of this effort, we will be rolling out some changes to improve efficiency, collaboration, and communication.  Some changes will be specific to internal staff and processes, and others will be very noticeable to customers, but all the changes are focused on our goal to streamline and unify the experience of Ex Libris and ProQuest customers.


    Here is an overview of the changes to the Ex Libris Support Portal to be released on October 21, 2018:


    Case Status Name Changes

    NEW Status Name Former Status Name What does it mean?
    Pending Customer Reply Pending Customer Response

    The definition and usage of this Status is unchanged.

    Support has requested that the customer provide additional information to help us investigate the Case.  Further work on the Case is pending a response from the customer.  After two weeks in this Status a reminder email is sent to the Customer.  After two additional weeks, the Case is put into Resolved status.  After two more weeks in Resolved status, the Case is Closed.


    The Cases View in the Support Portal will also be updated to show a PCR flag to help customers identify Cases where Support is waiting on further information from the customer to proceed with the Case investigation:



    Update Received Waiting for Process

    The definition and usage of this Status is unchanged.

    When customers respond to a request for additional information, this Status notifies Support that you have provided an update to the Case, and the Case Owner should review the new information and continue their investigation.
    Pending Development Development

    The definition and usage of this Status is unchanged.


    Tier 2 has reviewed the Case and transferred it to the Development Team for one of the following reasons:

    - Tier 2 is requesting assistance from Development in diagnosing a problem or validating a defect report;

    - Tier 2 has validated a product defect, and is sending it to Development to create a fix.
    Pending Product Review Product Manager Review

    The definition and usage of this Status is unchanged.


    The request in the Case has been identified as a product enhancement, and referred to the Product Manager for review.  Because Product Management is primarily tracking enhancements via the Idea Exchange and the ELUNA/IGeLU NERS enhancement voting process, this status name change is mostly relevant only for Cases previously created that are already in Product Manager Review status.
    Pending Vendor Input Waiting for Vendor Input

    The definition and usage of this Status is unchanged.


    The Data Services Team is working on a Case that is waiting on necessary information or intervention by a third party Vendor.
    Resolved Closing The definition and usage of this Status is unchanged.

    Support has provided a response to the Case that we believe answers your questions, or addresses a problem that you reported.  If you feel that the response provided by Support does not address your problem or question, please add a Comment to the Case to indicate what further inquiry is needed.  Cases in Resolved status will automatically switch to Closed after 14 days.

    New Case Status

    NEW Status Name What does it mean?

    Previously when a Case was in Closing status and a customer added a new Comment, the Status would change to Waiting for Process.

    We are implementing a new Status Reopened, which will apply whenever a customer adds a new Comment to a Case in Resolved (formerly Closing) Status.  This will allow Support to differentiate between Customer comments for Cases still under investigation (which will trigger the status Update Received), and Customer comments for Cases in Resolved Status.

    Case Field Name Changes

    NEW Field Name Former Field Name What does it mean?
    Subject Title

    The definition and usage of this field is unchanged. 


    Instead of entering a Title when you create a new Case, you will enter a Subject, a brief sentence describing the issue you are reporting.
    Sub-Category Subject

    The definition and usage of this Status is unchanged.

    Previously when you created a new Case, you had the option to select a Category and Subject from a drop-down menu to classify the kind of problem you are experiencing.   If you choose to select a Category, you will now select a Sub-category (instead of Subject) to further classify your problem or question.

    Important Note

    The list above includes ONLY the Status Names and Case Fields that will be changing on October 21, 2018 as part of the CX-GSO Alignment Project.

    For a full list of all Case Statuses, see the Knowledge Article:  What is Case Status, and What Does It Mean?

    To view a list of the changes coming to ProQuest Product Technical Support as part of this alignment project, see:  ProQuest and Ex Libris Support Improvement Initiative.


    • Article last edited: 07-Oct-2018