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    Creating a HAR (HTTP archive format) file

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    How to create a HAR (HTTP archive format) file?


    In many cases, a HAR file can assist us in analyzing and troubleshooting various issues. HAR file is a recording of the network session.

    Instructions below include how to erase personal details/credentials.

    Creating HAR file

    Instructions of how to record HTTP session in the common browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer/Edge) here:

    Removing personal credentials from file
    1. Open HAR file in text editor (Notepad++ is a great choice) 
    2. Search for the words "username" and "password"
    3. Locate your username/password
    4. Replace it with "****" or other placeholder that indicates it's been redacted/removed (like "confidential", "MyBusiness", "my_password" etc.)

    "username"/"password" sometimes in file without the actual username/password besides them. Usually, the real location of the username + password looks like this:


    1. Click "save"

    HAR file is ready for sending without exposing your personal credentials. 

    • Article last edited: 30-Aug-2018
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