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    How to submit In-Case Feedback for an in progress Support Case

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    I want to leave feedback to the support team on a Case that is currently in progress. How can I do that?


    The In-Case feedback functionality was added to the Support Portal in 2018. This functionality was developed based on feedback received from our customer community.

    Customers can give feedback on Case handling while the Case is still open. This is available to all Ex Libris customers for all open Cases.

    To submit In-Case Feedback
    1. Log into Support Portal
    2. Open Case
    3. Click Feedback button at top right of screen:


    Result: In-Case Feedback page opens

    1. Select category from the drop-down box.
    2. Enter feedback comments in free text field.
    3. Click Submit.
    After In-Case Feedback is submitted
    1. Feedback is attached to the Case and an email notification sent to Case owner.
    2. The Support Manager or Team Leader reviews the feedback, acknowledges, and comments if needed.
    3. Email notification sent to customer when the review process is complete.

    In-Case Feedback can be used once for each open case.

    In-Case Feedback is an efficient channel to share feedback about how a case is being handled while it is still open. It does not replace other channels:

    • Continue to use Case Comments as usual for ongoing communication with the Case owner/analyst
    • It does not replace our Escalation Policy. Follow the Escalation Policy to raise the urgency of a Case.
    • Rate your satisfaction with the Case handling by submitting Case Satisfaction Surveys when the Case moves to Closing.

    • Article last edited: 16-Jul-2018
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