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    Installing Third-Party Product Updates

    To install the third-party product updates:
    1. Log on to the server as the product user.
    2. Enter the following command to display the Service Pack Management menu:
    util sp
    SP. Service Pack Management
    0. Exit Procedure
    1. Prepare/Update Environment
    2. Download latest SP
    3. Check SP Download status
    4. Install SP
    5. Run SP Utility (view implementation notes)
    6. Download 3rd party products update
    7. Check 3rd party product download status
    8. Extract products updates
    9. Update 3rd party soft links
    10. Run Third party product OS pre checks
    Please select [exit]:
    Service Pack Management Menu (util sp)
    1. Enter option 6 to download the latest available third-party product updates.
    2. At the following prompt, enter the full path of the FTP directory or type Enter to keep the current directory:
    The third party download utility will use wget to download the required packages
    Download directory will be /exlibris/ftp_from_exlibris
    If you want to change it please enter the new path now or <ENTER> to keep
    1. Enter option 7 to check the status of the download. Do not continue with the next step until the download completes.
    2. Enter option 8 to extract the downloaded product files from the FTP site to your Primo machine. The system will install all of the products in the following directory:
    1. Enter option 10 to make sure that all OS packages needed for normal operation of the updated third-party products are installed.
    *It is recommended that this check is run after the download completes and before the third-party products are installed. If any OS packages are missing, ask your local IT staff to install them.
    1. Enter option 9 to install the third-party product.
    This option replaces the soft links to the current third-party products with soft links to the to the new installation of the third-party products.
    *Before running this step, make sure that you shut down the Apache server and the product.