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Data Center Migration (Moses Lake Data Center, DC 01) Recommendations

  • Product:   Cross-Product 
  • Relevant for Installation Type: Hosted (and Local)



[Note:  See also the Data Center Migration FAQ article.]

To prepare for the 24 hour service disruption (Saturday, May 29 18:00 PDT – Sunday, May 30 18:00 PDT (Pacific Daylight Time, UTC -7) ) during the migration to a new data center Ex Libris has put together a list of recommendations and concepts to consider while preparing for the migration, and planning for scheduled down time.

1.       Prepare a message in advance to post on Primo discovery site.

a.       How to add a footer to Primo - Using Primo VE

b.       How to add a footer to Primo - Using BO

c.       How to add a message using the sign-in alert bar in Primo and Primo VE


2.       Prepare a message in advance to post in Leganto


3.       Change all item loan due dates which might fall during the closure to be after the closure:

a.       How to globally change lending loan due dates to a future dates (bulk change due dates)

b.       The letter FulItemChangeDueDateLetter (Loan Status Notice) and the job Bulk Change Due Date

c.       How to change the due date of a loan and send letter to patron after changing the calendar (using job Loans - Due Date Correction after Calendar Change)


4.       If desired officially close the library:


5.       Use the "offline circulation" during the closure time if patrons will still come to library


6.       360 & Intota clients don’t have to do any real prep for a data center move other than alerting their users that the these discovery services will be unavailable:

·         E-Journal Portal

·         360 Link

·         Ulrichsweb

·         NB: Summon will be available, but linking to content won’t work


7.       Because the whole suite will be offline, clients should be aware that the following management tools will also be down:

·         SUSHI harvesting

·         Auto-holdings management with EBC

·         Cache build/rights feed for CDI

·         Customizer “Summon Administration Console”


8.       Impact on updates that will not occur in Summon

a.       Cycle of Rights update: instead of seeing changes they make in Client Center reflect in Summon within 72 hours, it might take up to 144 hours.

b.       Search Update: there could a be a delay of about one week for changes to their local catalog records in Summon, including additions of new records and deletion of old records.


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