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Ex Libris FTPs

Access Guide

This is the MFT user documentation for setting up new account access: Ex Libris MFT access guide for providers.docx

This is the MFT user documentation for uploading files: How to Upload Delivery Files to the ExLibris MFT.pdf


Why do I need to switch to the MFT?

We will be decommissioning the location as well as and all providers will need to switch over to the MFT, away from both.


Do I send my files for SFX, Alma, and 360 to the MFT?



Do I send my files for Summon/Primo/CDI to the MFT?



I missed the one-week window for the initial one-time secondary password. What do I do?

Please reach out to and we will resend the one-time secondary password.


I need help troubleshooting PuTTY / WinSCP issues

There is a known issue related to versions of Putty and WInscp. Please try this:

  1. In PuTTYgen, go to Key > Parameters for saving key files > PPK file version > 2
  2. Go through the key conversion steps again
  3. Try to connect with the new key


Outage Notification

We host several FTPs for providers to upload their content for ingestion in Ex Libris knowledgebases (Alma, SFX, 360) and the Central Discovery Index (CDI).

We will list any known FTP outages below along with the status. If you are a provider experiencing issues uploading content to one of our FTPs or would like to request an FTP account to deposit content, please contact us at


FTP Description Actions to take Start Date / Time (IST) End Date / Time (IST) Status


Server maintenance Do not load content - retry after Friday, January 29th, 10am IST Thursday, January 28, 8pm Friday, January 29, 10am Complete
  • Updated 04 August 2022
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