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  • Which formats of the title lists are supported for ingestion in your knowledgebases?
  • Ex Libris prefers that data submitted to the KB meet the KBART Recommended Practice guidelines. KBART recommends tab-delimited, UTF-8 encoded text (.txt) files
  • Ex Libris can also accept Excel (.xls/.xlsx), CSV
  • MARC records (for books only)
  • Some types of XML data (depending on schema used and data elements available)

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  • What is KBART?

KBART (“Knowledgebases and Related Tools”) is a NISO Recommended Practice that facilitates the transfer of holdings metadata from content providers to knowledgebase suppliers and libraries. Knowledge bases are widely used to support library link resolvers and electronic resource management systems. 

For more information on the current KBART standard and a template KBART file, please see 

  • Which formats of the metadata feeds are supported in the Central Discovery Index (powering our Summon and Primo discovery tools)?
  • XML (including XML in Dublin Core/XML with NLM DTD/XML with ONIX DTD/XML with custom DTD/Custom XML without DTD)
  • Delimited Text Format (Tab Delimited or CSV)
  • ONIX for book/chapter-level metadata
  • JSON
  • Excel spreadsheets

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  • How do we contact you for more information? 

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