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    NA03- RCA - June 4, 2023


    This document serves as a Root Cause Analysis for the Higher-Ed Platform service interruption experienced by Ex Libris customers on June 4, 2023.
    The goal of this document is to share our findings regarding the event, specify the root cause analysis, outline actions to be taken to solve the downtime event, as well as preventive measures Ex Libris is taking to avoid similar cases in future.

    Affected Products


    Alma, Primo VE, Leganto, Esploro, Rialto 

    Event Timeline

    Service interruption was experienced by Ex Libris customers served by the Higher-Ed Platform NA03 instance at the Chicago  Data Center during the following times: 
    Between June  4th,  2023 from 15:12 PM until 15:32 PM CDT  time

    During the event, Service was unavailable for the environment.

    Root Cause Analysis

    Ex Libris Engineers investigated this event to determine the root cause analysis with the following results:

    An issue was found in the DB’s internal memory management that eventually caused the Database to become unresponsive resulting in a service disruption.

    Once the Ex Libris engineers identified the issue, the server was restarted and the service recovered.

    Technical Action Items and Preventive Measures

    Ex Libris has taken the following action and preventive measures to avoid such an occurrence in future:

    • Working with the Database vendor on implementing a patch to fix the database system issue.

    • The procedure has been fine-tuned and updated to minimize downtime.

    Customer Communication

    ExLibris is committed to providing customers with prompt and ongoing updates during Cloud events. Ongoing and prompt updates on service interruptions appear in the system status portal at this address:

    These updates are automatically sent as emails to registered customers.


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