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    The New ProQuest/Ex Libris Support Center: What You Need to Know


    On November 8, 2021, the ProQuest and Ex Libris Support Centers united to form a single and upgraded customer support center. The new Support Center resides on You now have one destination to help with all your ProQuest and Ex Libris product and service needs.


    Built with our customers in mind

    We’ve built the ProQuest/Ex Libris Support Center with our global community of users in mind. It includes:

    • An improved, modern user interface
    • Streamlined workflows and user views that connect you with the right information at the right time
    • Collaboration and knowledge-sharing technology that enables your signed-in users to start and follow conversations with their peers
    • Increased privacy and security compliant with GDPR and similar regulations
    Knowledge Sharing Groups

    Our new knowledge-sharing feature helps users share information with each other.

    Once signed in, users can begin and follow conversations, or search for specific topics for quick answers. Since the ProQuest /Ex Libris Support Center is built by and for customers, any abuse will be monitored, but the discussion will not moderated.

    Data continuity is a top priority

    We migrated more than 94% of all Ex Libris cases to the ProQuest/Ex Libris Support Center, including all open cases and closed cases that were opened from 2015 forward. In addition, all ProQuest cases are available in the ProQuest/Ex Libris Support Center. These cases will be visible to you and all entitled users in your institution.

    Training and documentation to get you started

    While the ProQuest/Ex Libris Support Center is extremely intuitive, we’ve provided tips, tools and training so you can get the most out of this resource. They include:

    Topic Video Length URL
    The New, Integrated Ex Libris and ProQuest Support Portal 03:26
    Support Center Overview 00:57
    Searching the Support Center 01:11
    Registration, Log In, Users and Permissions 02:44
    How to Submit a Case and Chat 02:56
    Case Details, Statuses, Closing and Escalating 05:05
    New Knowledge Sharing Groups 02:14
    Managing Cases and List Views 04:31



    What’s happening to the Ex Libris Support Center? What’s happening to the ProQuest Support Center?

    The ProQuest and Ex Libris Support Centers were combined to form a single and improved customer support center.

    For the many customers who have both ProQuest and Ex Libris products, the ProQuest/Ex Libris Support Center will become the single destination to address all their needs. As a bonus, you’ll also enjoy a new and improved user experience!

    The new Support Center resides on, with an automatic redirect from

    Is the Ex Libris Knowledge Center changing?

    No, the Ex Libris Knowledge Center continues at its current location and with current functionality.

    How do I get up and running on the ProQuest/Ex Libris Support Center?

    You can expect a smooth transition to the new Support Center.

    I am not able to log into the new Support Center, what do I do?

    If you need additional help logging in, we have created a dedicated form for access and log-in issues, it will be available upon go live from the log in page itself as well. 

    I tried resetting my password, but never received an email to complete the process. What do I do?

    The reset password email will come from
    Please check your spam folder.
    If it is not there, please add it to your allow list (contact your IT department if needed) and try again.
    If further assistance is needed, please use the dedicated form we have created for access issues

    What about my current cases? What happens to them?

    All cases from ProQuest support center are available. In addition, we migrated all open cases from the Ex Libris portal along with closed cases that were opened in 2015 or later (more than 94% of our case archive). You will find all your active cases in the new portal.

    Will I continue to have access to existing support channels?

    Yes! You will continue to be able to submit cases, engage in chat, and "Report to Ex Libris" from within Alma and SFX, the redirect will be automatic.

    Note that for SFX, running revision is required for "Report to Ex Libris" to work with the new Support Center.

    What if I rely on email to case channels and do not typically log in actively to the support center?

    You can continue to do this and will notice only a small change in Status categories. 

    I am not getting any case notifications, what is the sender address for case related communication?

    All case related communication is sent from the ProQuest and Ex Libris Support email address replacing Ex Libris Support

    Please make sure that emails sent from the domain are reaching your users, if not - please contact your IT department.

    Why do I only see the first line of the Case Comments?

    This is a default display setting that can be changed.

    When you click the down arrow in the Comments header (not the Comment itself), you get the option to Wrap text or Clip text.

    If it is set to Clip you only see a snippet of the Comment; if you set it to Wrap you see the full Comment.

    This setting is sticky - once you set your preference you won't need to do it again.


    Why don't I see the latest comments in my cases?

    Due to a technical limitation, migrated case comments are not sorted in descending order. Click the "Created Date" column to sort the comments, you will then see the latest comments.
    This will not impact any new case comments added after the migration, going forward any new comments added will be sorted in descending order.

    I just logged in to the New Integrated Support Center for the first time, went to “My Cases” and there are no cases to be seen. Why?

    The default List View of Cases is “Recently Viewed”. But since you are logged in for the first time, you don’t have any recently viewed cases. You can change your List View to (for example) “My Open Cases” and pin it, so that you always see that list as the default display.

    Why can’t I find a Case using my Ex Libris Case Number from the old system?

    When Ex Libris cases were migrated into the New Integrated Support Center, they were given new Case Numbers. The previous Ex Libris Case Number can be found in the Case Details tab in the “Ex Libris Case Number” field.  This field is searchable, but be aware when you do a search, the results will show the new Case Number. Make sure to include any leading zeros in your search.

    Will my institution’s published cases be visible to all users? Can I share my cases with other Support Center users?

    The new ProQuest/Ex Libris Support Center is designed to protect the privacy and security of your data. In order to do so, case publishing functionality is discontinued. Use the new knowledge sharing groups to share information and collaborate with your colleagues.
    If your institution provided permission, your Ex Libris published cases will be available as Knowledge Articles, visible to logged-in, authenticated users only. 
    These Knowledge Articles were not created yet. If your institution provided permission to publish these Knowledge Articles, we will let you know when they are available.

    I closed a case, and didn’t get a satisfaction survey. Why is that?

    In the new Support Center, the satisfaction survey is sent 24 hours after a case is Closed.
    After 24 hours, you will get the satisfaction survey email. Click the link in the email to fill out the survey.

    I am trying to submit a case, but after selecting 'Ex Libris' as a platform I don't see my institution's assets. Why is that?

    First, please make sure you are logged into the Support Center. 
    Unauthenticated users can only submit cases for a limited number of Ex Libris products.

    If you are logged in and still do not see your institutional assets, please contact us at

    What is the new "Awaiting Customer Confirmation" Status?

    This status indicates that Support believe that they have addressed your query.
    Use the 'Accept and Close' link if you agree, the case will then be Closed.
    If you believe further work is required to address your query, click 'Reject and Reopen'. You will be prompt to add a comment before reopening the case.
    If you do not take any action, the case will automatically close 14 days after it was set to this status.

    Why are “Awaiting Customer Confirmation” cases not showing up in my “My Open Cases (Support Center)” List View?

    The “Awaiting Customer Confirmation" status replaced the old “Resolved” status, and so cases with this status are considered closed. Because of this, they are not appearing in the “My Open Cases (Support Center)” List View.

    I am a part of a consortium, can I see other consortium members' cases?

    No, at this point consortium members cannot see cases submitted by other members of the consortium.
    We are working on a solution for this functionality, and hope to make it available again soon.

    How can I export case information displaying in my List View into Excel?

    In the "Printable View," you can select the data you wish to export, then copy it and paste it into an Excel spreadsheet.

    How do I request a Support Center login for a new staff member?

    The process for that is as follows:

    1. The new staff member registers here
    2. They complete the registration following instructions received by email
    3. Only then, you can go to the Grant Permissions tab and fill out the form
    I am seeing a "Public" tag checked across all case comments. What does that mean?

    The "Public" checkbox indicates that this is a comment that is visibile in the Support Center to you and colleagues from your institution.
    It does not indicate that these comments are visibile to the wider user community.

    Can I make modifications to the Case Details or other information related to the case?

    Other than adding new Case Comments and Case Attachments to your case, the only change you can make is to the “Notification Emails” section of the Case Details tab where you can add and delete email addresses.

    What if I have other questions?

    Contact us at

    • Article last edited: 21-Jan-2022